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4 simple bathroom accessories

4 Simple Bathroom Accessories That Will Change Your Life

4 simple bathroom accessories in

“Shower time is all yours to enjoy.” With the hectic schedule of daily life, having a long shower works like magic. The refreshing essence of soap on the skin and warm soothing water flowing over your skin is one of life’s little pleasures.  Adding some organic accessories to your bathroom makes the experience even more satisfying.

All across the world there is a slow dawn of realisation that we need to adopt organic products to maintain sustainability and, ultimately the planet’s survival.  Hemp plays the role of protagonist in this story, it is a pretty versatile herb and is beneficial to us in every possible way. Hemp is used to treat many diseases like malaria, chronic pain, Insomnia, and many more, as discussed in the previous blog. This magical plant is an unappreciated discovery and its properties have been overshadowed by myth and misunderstanding and have only recently been re-discovered.

It is an ideal material for use in the bathroom being naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic.  Its absorbent hemp fibres are used to make shower curtains, bath towels, face-cloths and make-up removing pads. The fabric is naturally grown and is 100% biodegradable; thus won’t add any further pollution problems to the environment.

Moisturizing elixir of hempseed oil is stellar in soap and shampoo. Hemp deals with many skin problems and hempseed oil contains proteins that repair and promote skill cells.  In simple terms, there is no better natural treatment for your skin.  Containing no fancy chemicals or man-made compounds just naturally occurring goodness, it delays aging and contains vitamins and fatty acids which are great for your skin.  Elixir of hempseed oil has excellent skin hydration properties and can be used as an ‘all over body’ product.

4 life changing hemp products that you will love:

1. Hemp Bran Soap – These soaps don’t let your skin lose its natural oil. The gently exfoliating Hemp Bran soap contains the benefit of hemp plus the seed husks that act as a gentle natural exfoliator. It also aids in soothing and healing sunburn and rashes on your skin.

2. Hemp Fabric Cleansing Pads Set – These are simply the best for removal of your makeup.  Instead of using chemical makeup removing wipes or piles of cotton pads, these are re-useable and easy to use and are naturally antimicrobial. The use of hemp fabric does not interfere with the hydrolipidic layer of your skin. It helps maintain a healthy, natural pH of 5.5 to protect you from infection and harmful bacteria.

3. Hemp Seed Oil Elixir – The elixir contains the highest percentage of essential fatty acids and aids various skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, breakouts and skin aging.  Hemp Seed Oil is proven to be rich in omega 3, 6, and 9. The natural properties of the Elixir of Hemp Oil are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Hemp Fabric Bath Towels – They are naturally grown and considered ideal for various uses. Hemp fabric feels cool to the skin due to its natural antimicrobial qualities. It soothes and is perfect for people with sensitive skin, allergies, and other conditions.  The fabric softens with washing, and the handling and feel get better and better with age.  You will also notice how light and soft the fabric is to touch and how quickly it dries after use making hemp fabric towels perfect for travel.

All of the above products are available through the on-line shop which can be found at www.hemptology.co.uk.   Hemptology is your premier one-stop shop for Himalayan Hemp Products on-line.

At Hemptology we appreciate that ‘going organic’ and changing old habits can be difficult so let us help you make the change.  Start small and try these bathroom products that will improve your skin health and make that magical time in the shower even more pleasant.

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