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5 Understated benefits of Hemp oil

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Discover perks of forgotten ancient remedies.

Going ‘Organic’ isn’t just a buzz word for trendy foodies, it is the future and is something we should all adopt today. More and more organic options are appearing on our shelves and as this continues it is a foregone conclusion that organic products will conquer the market in the near future.  Not just better tasting, healthier and better for us, organic products are also better for our entire planet.  Heightened consumer awareness of the harm that non-organic, man-made and chemically altered products are having on our health and the environment is driving this change and that will ensure that this will be long term and sustainable. 

One of the lost organic herbs is hemp which has been with us for thousands of years, but the benefits of this plant, one of the fastest growing on earth is still unknown to many.  In our past blogs, we have mentioned some detailed benefits of hemp in many products, here we would like to turn the past and give you a peek into its history.

History of Hemp

Hemp oil was initially discovered in China in the first century AD. It was only used for clothing purposes at first, but soon benefits of this magical herb were found. Chinese culture explored the perks of hemp and recognized its medicinal nature. Hemp in the Chinese manuscripts is symbolic of Ying and Yang.

Even though the humble hemp plant was first cultivated in 10,000 BC. And has been used for various purposes throughout the ages, it went into decline in the years after the industrial revolution and has only just been rediscovered.

There are too may benefits of hemp to cover in one blog so let’s start with hemp oil. Hemp oil comes in two forms – Hemp Seed Oil (derived solely from the seeds) and Hemp Oil (derived from leaves and flowers of the plant).

5 benefits of Hemp Oils:

Hemp Oil

1. Medicate PTSD nightmares and Insomnia

The most widespread disease among youth today is Insomnia. The essential oil helps you relax and bring the long-lost sleep back. Synthetic CBD in oil improves sleep quality and allows nightmares of PTSD as well.

2.  Aid Skin

Hemp seed oil is considered to be the best natural aid for your Skin. It delays aging with its abundance of naturally occurring vitamins and fatty acids. Hemp seed oil hydrates and softens skin without the need for chemicals and ,an-made compounds and is great for facial or all over body uses.

3.  Maintains Healthy Heart

Hemp seed oil regularly used in our diet will promote a healthy heart. The cannabinoids in the hemp oil work against numerous cardiovascular diseases. It also regulates blood pressure and prevents many degenerative diseases.

4. Home Remedy to Treat Malaria

Hemp seed oil is also used though-out the world as a cure for diseases like Malaria. The cannabinoids in oil help treating Malaria although the quality of the hemp oil and its cannabis content need to be established before using it against malaria infection.

5. Treats Chronic Pain

Although it is not scientifically proven, 1000’s of years of use by cultures all over the world it is known that hemp seed oil is good for treating chronic pain.  

It also helps to deal with neurotic pain and control seizures in dogs!

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