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About Hemptology

At Hemptology, it’s not just about business and profits. It’s all about deep love and commitment to preserve our environment. The word ‘Hemptology’ suggests the sustainable alternatives offered by hemp which are truly eco-friendly in every sense. Established in 2020, we want to offer hemp products that are truly distinctive in appearance and quality.

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Hemptology provides high-quality, sustainable hemp products responsibly sourced from Himalayan region of India to the UK retail and wholesale market. 

The Himalayan region is known for its purity, unique charm and mysticism. Hemptology aims to deliver the true fragrance and charm of Himalaya to your doorstep. 

We aim to make this world a better place through use of sustainable hemp products.  We believe that a business should not be just about capital and profits; it must have social objective.

All of our products are obtained from sustainable, ecological and socially responsible sources primarily in the Himalayan Region of India.  

When you buy our products, a part of the money is reinvested in improving the living conditions of socially backwards areas in the Uttarakhand region in India.  So Hemptology has a deep social meaning and it’s a genuine attempt to invest in our environment and society.  

We strive to offer high quality hemp products with full guarantee of the purity, safety and full consumer choice. 

With Hemptology, we aim to influence a paradigm shift in the people’s mindset. We seek to inspire people to move away from the destructive fossil fuels and hazardous pesticides and chemical sectors to environment-friendly hemp products.     

By promoting and selling our Hemp based products we will be helping to give our children a better future.


Our vision is to offer a sustainable eco-friendly alternative for multiple industries and products. Hemptology offers an online platform to facilitate discovery and adoption of eco-friendly hemp products in the UK market.  We aim to transform ourself as a one-stop solution for a wide variety of daily use and industrial hemp products.   

Hemptology is an attempt to build an eco-system where we forge partnership with other companies and organisations to help people transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle. At Hemptology, you always get a continually developing, innovative range of new product.  

“Hemptology is not merely an online hemp platform, it’s a result of our endless quest to create the best hemp-based products on the market,  to preserve our environment and give our children a better future.” 


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