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A step towards Organic

Moving a step towards Organic products is not just a fad it is a serious requirement and your life may just depend on it!.

Unfold the pages of the past and look at the evidence before us. The silent generation and Baby Boomers of the post war era have outdone themselves. Even with the lack of resources available to them, about half of these generations have a life expectancy of over 80 years.

The Chart of life expectancy has improved due to Baby Boomers, in 1765 life span in the United Kingdom was below 39 years. In the period from the Industrial Revolution until recently it has increased by more than double, to 81.1 years by the year 2020. ( Sources of Data – Statista )

about hemp protein

Notwithstanding this remarkable progress, it seems with the current generation; the Chart will face a sharp downfall. Millennials have entered their 30’s and are considered to be the most unhealthy generation. According to the research conducted in 2018, only 56% of US millennials believe their health to be excellent (compared to 70% of Baby Boomers), the remaining 44% are concerned that their unhealthy habits would catch up with them.

about hemp protein

In short, almost ½ of this generation believe that their health is at serious risk and they need to do something about it. Major drawbacks include the lack of guidance, education and money coupled with the need for instant gratification not just in ‘fast fashion’ but also ‘fast food’ which is fuelled by a vast array of processed and chemically treated food in many of these outlets. Millennials and Gen Z are the prime consumers of these unhealthy foods.

It’s time to Switch!

Taking a step towards organic food could help expand our life span and improve the health of us all. Past generations didn’t have access to ‘fast/instant foods’ and mainly consumed all-natural and chemical-free products and just see what happened to the life expectancy chart – it speaks for itself!

Making major changes to habits of a lifetime can be difficult so making just one small change could set you on the path to a better, longer and healthier life. Take protein for instance, we all need protein in our diet to survive so make the switch and use a natural protein product. Hemp protein powder is considered one of the best suited.

Composition of Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder is considered to be a ‘complete protein source’. It consists of all the amino acids, has a PDCAAS score of 0.61, and includes all nine essential amino acids. That are valine, tryptophan, threonine, phenylalanine, lysine, histidine, leucine, isoleucine, and methionine. It also contains Omega-3, 6 and 9.

Whey ProteinHemp Protein
It has a higher biological value.It has a lower biological value.
It is the water element of milk that separates while making cheese from curd.It is the powder made through the grinding of Hemp Seeds.
Can’t consume it have lactose intolerance.No allergy issues.

Perks of consuming Hemp protein powder :

• Hemp Protein contains unsaturated fat. In the process of grinding, about 90% of the natural oil content is removed. The remaining fat is unsaturated.
• It is an excellent source of fibre.
• In addition to protein, fat, and fibre, hemp contains calcium, iron, and zinc as additional perks.
• It also aids in digestion, heart and skin health.
• It is lactose-free.
• It is 100% organic.
• Its is suitable for vegans, vegetarian and is cruelty free.

Hemp Protein derived from our Himalayan Hemp is the purest and healthiest of all. Grown on the slopes of the Himalayan mountain range where the air and water are the purest on our planet the hemp plants produce the best quality protein.

So make the switch to organic food, make the switch to Hemp protein and join us in the organic revolution.

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