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Is It Possible For Us To Consume Organic Hemp Seeds Just As It Is?

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In the realm of nuts and seeds, hemp seeds are like the straight-A student who also happens to be the captain of the football team. 

A few spoonfuls of hemp seeds contain a significant number of necessary nutrients, are simple to eat and cook with, and have a delightfully nutty flavor, similar to a cross between a sunflower seed and a pine nut. 

And, no, they will not get you high. Here’s all you need to know about buying and eating these tiny seeds.

Will you get high?

Although hemp and marijuana are members of the same species, Cannabis sativa, they are not the same plant. There are roughly a dozen types of hemp plants farmed for food, and all of them contain about 0.001 percent THC, the major psychoactive element in marijuana. 

This means you may consume as much hemp as you want without fear of getting high or passing a drug test.

Although several states have begun to authorize the growing of industrial hemp in recent years, the hemp seeds you’ll find at your local grocery shop or health food store were most likely cultivated in Canada or China.

What else can you learn?

Hard brown popcorn kernel-sized seeds are produced by hemp plants. Soft, white, or light green interior kernels are filled with vital amino acids, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids inside these hard seeds. Because the unhulled seeds don’t have much nutritional value when you see a package labeled “hemp seeds,” what you’re getting is those soft interior kernels, also known as hemp hearts. 

Hemp hearts may be pressed to produce hemp seed oil, which yields a byproduct that can be converted into hemp protein powder. All of these hemp items may be found at health food stores or a well-stocked supermarket store like Whole Foods.


Shelled hemp seeds, also known as hemp hearts, can be eaten by adding a teaspoon or two into smoothies or on top of cereal, salads, or yogurt.

People who are gluten intolerant can use hemp seeds instead of breadcrumbs to coat chicken or fish. 

Just as you can create almond milk by blending almonds and water, you can produce hemp seed milk by blending hemp seeds and water, which you can use as a substitute for dairy milk in beverages and dishes. 

hemp seed

And, due to their nutty flavor, hemp seeds are a perfect replacement for folks who are allergic to nuts—you can dry-toast them over low heat to bring out even more of that nuttiness.

Hemp seed oil should be used as a finishing oil rather than a cooking or frying oil since the fragile omega fatty acids can break down during cooking, removing the oil’s nutritional properties. 

Instead, prepare salad dressings with it or pour it over spaghetti, grilled vegetables, or popcorn.

What are the Health Benefits?

Hemp seeds have long been regarded as an excellent source of plant-based protein and omega fatty acids. Hemp seeds include 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omegas in a single serving (approximately two heaping tablespoons). Hemp also contains all nine necessary amino acids, which we must obtain through our food because our bodies can not generate them naturally. 

Hemp seed oil, which is made from pressed hemp seeds, has the highest concentration of essential fatty acids of any nut or seed oil. Hemp seeds will give the largest variety of nutritional advantages per serving of the three primary hemp products on the market—seeds, oil, and protein powder.

What do you need to remember while buying Organic Hemp Seeds?

Hemp is high in omega fatty acids, which are easily broken down and spoiled. When purchasing a bag of hemp seeds, seek completely opaque packaging with no window to allow you to inspect the actual seeds.

A window exposes the contents of the bag to light, increasing the likelihood that those omegas may rot and grow rancid sooner. 

Look for a “packed on” or “best before” date on the bag, and buy the most recent goods available. This will assist you to keep your hemp seeds fresher for longer.

Follow the Suggested and Trusted Way of Storage

Once opened, place the package or its contents in an airtight container and refrigerate or freeze to extend shelf life. Once opened, a bag of hemp seeds will keep in the refrigerator or freezer for about a year.

However, if you store a package in your pantry, the shelf life will be closer to 3 to 4 months. If you sniff your seeds and they smell bad, dump them.

With all this being claimed, invest in something, where R.O.I is guaranteed. It’s about time, you filtered your thoughts on Organic Hemp and its versatile nature.

Invest in something organic, something that’ll soothe you in every way. Choose the Eco-Friendly Lifestyle!

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