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Why Getting a Hemp Swatch Book will Redefine your Selection of Hemp Fabric?

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People often get confused about choosing the best hemp fabric from online listings and digital catalogues of fabrics.

To be honest, Hemp fabric is favored by almost every one of us, but are we able to choose the right one? Or at least are we aware of which one is the best for us. So, having a Hemp swatch book makes your selection easier.

Don’t worry, allow Hemptology to aid you in your search.

First, let’s get to know about a swatch and what a swatch book is.

Swatch Book is a booklet that contains small pieces of fabric. The fabrics that you will be seeing are the ones that Hemptology already have in stock ready for same day dispatch

Swatch books are provided by fabric shops and wholesalers.

Why is there a need for fabric swatches?

If you haven’t begun a project yet, it’s a fantastic way to see if the fabric is a good fit for your project before investing in several meters of it. Especially if you’re doing your purchasing online!

You never know how the fabric feels, what the color appears like in person, how it drapes, washes, or handles until you have your hands on it. It’s fine to take a chance on some tasks, but when it comes to pricey materials, that’s not a risk anyone’s prepared to take.

Even if you already have a piece of fabric or have used it up for a project, it’s a good idea to keep a swatch of it.

What is the best way to get fabric swatches from (online) stores?

Fabric samples may be requested from a fabric store and purchased from most internet retailers. You are frequently required to pay a modest charge and/or pay for shipment.

In local fabric stores, you could get a tiny strip of cloth for free, but in other stores, you may have to buy 10 cm / 4 inches of the fabric. So, just inquire about your store’s stance on fabric samples and go at a slower time of day, rather than during peak shopping hours.

But how do you keep and arrange all of these fabric samples once you’ve collected them? In a fabric swatch book or a fabric swatch library!

We leave that decision to you.

hemp swatch book

What is a Fabric swatch book or a fabric swatch library?

A swatch library, also known as a fabric swatch book, is a place where you organize your fabric samples and record the features of a particular fabric for future reference.

Should you create a Swatch Book?

On creating a swatch book, you get to see what you already have and without rummaging through your neatly folded fabric stash.

You also get the benefit of keeping your fabrics near you, and especially if you’re on the lookout for quality Hemp fabric, having a Hemp swatch book is a must.

You can also use it to log how many meters/yards you have left of a certain Hemp fabric.

Especially, if you happen to have multiple locations/boxes/drawers where you happen to store your fabric, you can track them easily, in case you might have forgotten where you had kept it stored.

How to make a Hemp fabric Swatch book?

It may be quite simple. Attach the swatches to a sheet of paper with double-sided tape, pins, paperclips, or staples, and jot down the details next to the fabric.

Or you may create a lovely page layout and work on it for hours while delaying and putting off ironing the pre-washed cloth.

You may store the swatches in a binder after you’ve attached them to a sheet of paper. You may either punch holes in the paper directly or use transparent plastic sleeves to retain the pages and keep everything in a binder.

Clear plastic sleeves are my preferred method. You can quickly flip between the pages without shredding the paper, so it’s wonderful to re-purpose them.

Another alternative is to use an accordion file folder or expandable file organizer to contain the swatched paper.

Some stores will give you little sample booklets that have all of your swatches together and attached to cardboard.

What does Hemptology offer you?

We know that making a Swatch book is no big deal. If you are already having Hemp fabric with you, you can make one for yourself.

But if you’re getting it already made for you with top-notch craftsmanship and proper R&D, then why go through the hassle of making a Hemp fabric swatch book?

We understand how difficult it may be to make purchasing judgments based just on descriptions and images. 

Our fabric swatch cards allow you to touch and feel the exceptional quality of the textiles before you buy. 

There are two swatch card options: Mountain Color Range and Whites & Natural Colored Fabrics.

Also, if you choose to Buy any hemp fabric after purchasing a swatch card, you will receive a £5 discount on your order  (Applicable on 1st Order only).

The Elixir to obtaining quality hemp fabric with ease is Hemptology’s Hemp Swatch book.

Hemp will be the fabric of the future, and that future begins right now. Anyone who is even remotely concerned about the environment will see the significance of hemp.

The era of sustainable fashion is come and is here to stay, and hemp fabric will certainly play a significant part.

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