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Natural Handmade Soap

What Are The Undying Benefits Of Buying A Natural Handmade Soap?

Natural Handmade Soap in

Store-bought or synthetic soap contains a slew of chemicals and detergents. Glycerin is extracted for monetary value and sold to other firms for use in more costly skincare products. 

After that, other chemicals are added to replace the glycerin that has been lost. What you wind up with is a bar of chemicals that irritate and disturb the natural equilibrium of your skin.

It’s not even soap! And all of those substances are carried on to your liver to be processed to be eliminated from your body.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Natural Handmade Soap,

You’re aware of what you’re putting on your skin.

People are increasingly choosing more natural, eco-friendly skincare products. We want to know and be able to regulate what we put on our bodies. 

Our skin is our biggest organ, and everything that comes into contact with it is filtered by our liver. 

Almost all, if not all, of the ingredients in handmade soap, can be read in one breath, and you’ll know exactly how the product is acquired, how it’s created, and what you’re absorbing.

Natural Handmade Soaps comprise basic oils, butter, lye, and additions that are generally from a natural source. 

Almost any natural addition may be added to handmade soap to cure a variety of skin problems and complaints while minimizing needless chemical intake, resulting in beautiful skin. 

Natural soap soothes sensitive skin, often alleviating psoriasis and eczema.

Chemical concoctions and harsh detergents in mass-produced soap make the skin irritable, excessively cleaned, and dry. Some chemicals, such as triclosan, have been linked to cancer.

When it comes to cleaning your skin, buying a natural handmade soap is just a better option.

Natural Handmade Soap


Because handmade soap is frequently manufactured in tiny kitchens or businesses, materials are frequently obtained and disposed of ethically, and no animals are tested. Even if you have to inquire how it is manufactured, you will be given an honest response.

Why would you want to support a firm that tortures and mistreats animals? Especially when the results of such tests are inconclusive. Is it really necessary to tell you that squirting soap into a rabbit’s eye hurts? Of course, that would be painful. 

Such tests teach us nothing but how to harm another live creature. If you want to buy vegan-friendly handcrafted soap, search for soaps that do not include tallow.

Nothing beats natural soap that is 100 percent handcrafted, created in small amounts with love and care, chemical-free, cruelty-free, and vegan!

Aid to Local Businesses

Thousands of people enjoy making a bar of soap. We take tremendous pleasure in our products and creativity, as we do in any craft or profession. We put a lot of thought and effort into the final formula. We specialize in organic hemp soaps.

When you buy soap from a local manufacturer, you are supporting a small company—often a small business! It’s also simple to locate a local manufacturer online, at a craft show, or a farmer’s market.

About Hemptology’s Handmade Soaps

Our artisan soap makers craft Hemptology’s 100% Organic Hemp Soap utilizing the cold saponification process to save energy.

Our natural handmade soap is mild, gently cleans, moisturizes, and helps to heal and preserve your skin.

It is devoid of animal by-products and includes no colorants or artificial chemicals. 

It is devoid of animal by-products and includes no colorants or artificial chemicals. 

There is simply no better natural handmade soap than hempseed oil, which contains naturally occurring protein (fatty acids) that helps to heal and stimulate skin cell regeneration while also having anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. 

Nothing goes to waste because even the packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.

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