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How is Hemp clothing the supreme and reliable trendsetter?

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Hemp has been used since the year 770 AD. It has since been used to produce all maner of things from rope to clothes to paper. Hemp’s drape and hang have been compared to fine linen, a step away from cotton. 

Hemp fabric, like that old favourite pair of shoes you’ve had for 10 years, softens with usage and just gets more and more comfortable. Hemp also quickly absorbs moisture, keeping your skin dry.

Hemp, as one of the most durable fabrics on the planet, isn’t going anywhere, it has been with us for millenia and will be with us for many years to come.  It uis unfortunate that hemp has been branded and stigmatised as a recreational drug.  Just mentioning the name ‘hemp’ conjures up all sorts of myth and misunderstanding in many places, only now in the most recent times has this been debunked and the reputation of hemop as a wonder pant is being restored and adopted by many, and about time too!

Hemp is still prohibited to be grown in several countries, even though the hemp plant used for fabric production is not related to marijuana and does not cause intoxication.

Because hemp absorbs more water than cotton, it retains dye better than any other fabric, preventing your colors from fading better than Tide!  (that is an old fashioned washing powder for those of you too young to remember their slogan). 

Hemp is also permeable, allowing it to breathe and keep you cool in the heat. Hemp, like bamboo and wool, is warmer in sub-zero temperatures.

hemp clothing

Why is Hemp Clothing considered crucial for a person’s peak performance?

  • Hemp protects our skin by blocking UV radiation naturally.
  • Hemp is resistant to bacterial development and breathes well, reducing smells.
  • Hemp is at least 3 times stronger than cotton; hence it will not shrink when washed.
  • Color retention in hemp is superior to that of any other fabric.
  • It conserves water! Hemp requires only one-twentieth the amount of water to grow and process as compared to conventional cotton.
  • Furthermore, hemp requires a practically minimal amount of water to grow and is often rain-fed.
  • It helps to save jobs! Hand harvesting and processing of hemp keep people employed.
  • Unlike cotton, which depletes the soil of its nutrients, hemp may be cultivated continuously for more than twenty years without affecting the land.
  • Hemp becomes increasingly gentle on the skin with each use.
  • Hemp is also resistant to harsh stretches and tears since it is very durable and lasts longer than normal fabric.

Do we get high if we wear clothes made of Hemp?

This is one of the weirdest yet commonly asked questions by most people. And the frank answer to this is NO. Hemp clothing doesn’t make you high.

Despite its negative image, the hemp plant is beneficial. This plant has been mistakenly identified as marijuana in numerous countries, however, industrial hemp only has a THC concentration of 0.05 percent, whereas marijuana has a THC content ranging from 3 to 20%.

The only ‘trip’ you would get from smoking industrial hemp would be to the bathroom because it is a laxative! And trust us, it’s not worth the trouble.

One of the reasons the government opposes hemp cultivation is that they claim they can’t distinguish the difference between hemp and marijuana plants.

There is a significant difference.

Marijuana plants are planted in widely separated regions to optimize leaf development, but hemp plants are grown close to enhance stalk growth, which is where all of hemp’s wonderful fibers originate from.

Another advantage is that people may use every part of the hemp plant, from the root to the stalk, the leaf, the flower, the seeds, the pollen, and even the resin. 

Other applications for hemp include charcoal, tars, methane, and other combustible gases that may be used to heat homes, cook, and generate power.

You must be wondering that if Hemp has so many benefits, then I might as well buy one for myself. But where do I find the best Hemp clothing?

Here’s where we come into play.

At hemptology, we offer the world’s largest range of Hemp Clothing. Here are just some worthy examples:

hemp clothing

Hemptology’s beautiful, soft, delicate shawl for all seasons is fashioned in the classic pashmina design (J&K) from the best organic hemp fiber and Himalayan organic wool (50 percent Hemp/50 percent Wool). The term “Hashmina” refers to the usage of the cannabis Sativa plant in the production of hemp fiber.

Similar to our bordered scarf, this scarf is also produced in the same manner and has the same qualities.

As add-ons, both of our scarfs are more durable than cotton, have a breathable fabric, and last longer than normal scarfs.

  • Beanie HatsThis is one of our newest additions to the Hemp clothing line-up.

Each hemp beanie has been lovingly hand-knitted in the Indian Himalayan Region. The hemp is cultivated in the highlands and combined with organic wool from mountain flocks (50 percent Hemp, 50 percent Cotton) to create the most exquisite yarns, which are handcrafted for you by the village ladies.

Although each hat is created to the same design, each one has its personality and shows the talent of the lady who knitted it just for you.

The Beanies come in four colorways: black/grey, natural, brown/white, and khaki yellow with white fleck. This is the listing for the Natural Color variant. Other color options are given individually to avoid ordering confusion.

  • Hemp SocksAnother one of our newest additions, the Hemp socks are one of our unique line-ups.

Grab a pair of hard-wearing organic socks produced from the finest organic hemp fiber and Himalayan organic wool (60 percent Hemp/40 percent Wool) hand-knitted in the highlands for you. 

These socks will keep your feet warm and dry – the antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities of hemp will protect your feet while gently and lovingly caressing them. 

These socks will become softer and more pleasant to wear with each wash – there are no finer natural socks available.

Our socks come in three different colors: white, natural grey, and brown.

R.O.I is an attribute, we at Hemptology focus on the most. We proudly claim that by choosing us, you invest in the natural way of life and what better return on your investment than a cleaner, more sustainable planet for our children.

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