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4 Benefits of Hemp Bags That Makes Them Ideal Choice!

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When it comes to bags, you want something stylish yet practical and durable. Cause let’s be honest, a bag’s purpose is more than just being a fancy accessory complementing your look. It serves a variety of roles, from helping you carry groceries back home to books for college, holding your essentials while visiting or sightseeing with friends, which makes it a must-have utility.

And when it comes to choosing the right bag, fabric plays a crucial role in defining the bag’s reliability. However, not just for reliability, we need to consider its material for sustainability too. Our water, air, and land are constantly polluted by textile manufacturing. In fact, according to EPA, over 260 million tons of waste are produced each year, which is primarily non-biodegradable. The planet we call home is already suffering from global warming, wildlife threat, deforestation, and overpopulation, among other things. And choosing bags made of fabrics such as cotton, leather, and plastic means adding to environmental troubles.

So, now the question is, what are we supposed to do? Well, the answer is pretty simple buy organic hemp bagTo know why, let’s delve below-

  • Eco-friendly:

A Hemp bag is unarguably eco-friendly. That’s because hemp is nature’s carbon sink as it absorbs more CO2 in its limited growing period than any other crop. So, when you choose to buy organic hemp bag you are saving the planet you call home from many problems. On the other hand, cotton requires more materials and energy to produce and estimates a considerable carbon footprint. And let’s not get started with plastic. So, hemp is the wise choice for a better planet.

  • Durability/Reliability:

Bags go through much wear and tear, from the stress of being crammed to repetitive picking and putting up. To put it simply, a bag can wear down in a lot of ways. However, hemp is the strongest fibre in the plant realm. It has five times more strength than cotton and three times more durability. Plus, a hemp bag is made from much longer fibres, which means less chance of tearing down. Also, it is a known fact that keeping a thing that we already own is better for our wallet and the environment instead of buying something new.

  • Chemical-free residue:

Most bags are made from synthetic fibres containing polymer-based petrochemical materials that are highly toxic to humans and the environment. That said, the production of these bags requires the burning of crude oil, gas and coal, which leads to the depletion of resources that are already less for the whole human race. However, the good thing is hemp bag production requires no such thing, and they are toxic-free and favourable for the environment and health.

organic hemp bag
  • Resistance to weather:

Our bag is always with us from shopping to schooling, visiting friends and family to sightseeing. And thus, it needs to be strong enough to withstand different weather conditions be it the summer heat or rainy storm. When you buy organic hemp bag, it protects your things from all climatic conditions. It is UV and mould resistant and anti-bacterial, meaning it inhibits the spread of bacteria.

In the end, there are multiple reasons which make hemp the right choice for your next go-to cool accessory when it comes to style, durability, as well as sustainability. Not only are they less expensive but less troublesome for our planet. So, when they tick off all the essentials things, not to a buy organic hemp bag would be a fool’s decision.

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