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Ideal Clothing For Summers

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Sweating through your clothes in the hot summer heat is gross and embarrassing. To stay comfortable in the heat and humidity, you must choose the right breathable fabric.

You should avoid synthetic fabrics such as rayon and polyester, which trap heat and make you sweat more, not to mention the negative impact they have on the environment. The micro plastic particles released by these cheap fabrics pollute our oceans every time they are washed. As we choose our clothing, we should consider more environmental friendly options.

What Wanders can Natural Fibers Do?

Your best bet is to invest in clothing made from natural fibers. Hemp is the ideal option for summer wear as it allows air to circulate and absorbs moisture. It is antimicrobial and odor-resistant, keep embarrassing BO at bay. This even means you don’t have to wash your clothes every time you wear them because they stay fresh longer!

Hemp fabric is woven with long fibers making it extremely durable. Your clothing will hold its shape for years to come. It also holds dye extremely well, keeping your colors from fading. These added benefits will save you money over time because your hemp clothing will hold up so well that you will decrease the amount of clothing you need to purchase.

With each wear and wash, hemp clothing will become softer and more comfortable. It is smooth against the skin so is great for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits of hemp cannot be ignored any longer. Some include:

1. Does not require harmful pesticides and chemicals to grow

2. Decontaminates soil by absorbing chemicals and pollutants through its extensive root system

3. Prevents soil erosion

4. Requires little water to grow

5. Requires little space to grow compared to other plants such as cotton

6. Grows rapidly for quick crop turn-over

hemp fabric

As you can see, hemp is an environmentally friendly and a great way to chill out this summer. Check out Effort’s Eco-Essentials for some great summer fashions. They carry a full line of clothing for men and women, giving you many options to be fashionable and cool in the heat and humidity.


This summer try something different and versatile. Add Hemp Fabric to your wardrobe and see the magic it will do. Buy hemp fabrics online with Hemptology because why not to choose the best from the best.

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