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Can Hemp Alleviate Virus Outbreaks In The Future

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The swirl of research around COVID-19 and its potential vaccines or anti-viral agents has gained a remarkable momentum in such a short time. We have now learnt to adapt to the new normal while continuously accepting the new developments around Coronavirus and its variants. But this does not make the pandemic any easier on any of us, while scientists and researchers race against time to come up with new variants of vaccines with different rates of effectiveness, we know that this is not the ultimate solution to viruses like covid-19.   We need to look for a remedy that not only cures but also prevents the spread of such viruses.

According to a study conducted at The University of Queensland’ institute for Molecular Bioscience, hemp has the potential to act as an anti-inflammatory inducer as well as act as an antibiotic entity. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the most significant cannabinoids found in Hemp. This element of hemp is extracted and purified into an oil that has non-psychoactive characteristics with a THC count of less than 0.3% making it suitable (and legal) for daily consumption.

Let us take a look at some of the properties of hemp that makes it an ideal agent for alleviating novel viruses like Covid-19.

  • Anti-Bacterial Properties of Hemp

When hemp is used in materials it natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties are transferred into whatever it is being turned into.  Hemp fabrics for example are recognized for their strength and durability, breathability and now focus is turning to their antibacterial properties.  This natural antibacterial ability elevates hemp to a totally different level than any other natural fabric.  Man-made fabrics and chemical anti-bacterial finishes applied to them do not even come close – over a very short time the chemical wash off and the material reverts to its basic state whereas hemp just goes on and on providing the protection given by mother nature

  • Hemp can aid in the fight against harmful microbes

With its natural anti-microbial properties, hemp can aid in the fight against various harmful microbes that can cause harm to the human body. The pandemic has resulted in heightened levels of paranoia and fear of contact with any kind of bacteria, virus or germs and has taken a toll on our daily lifestyle and the choices that we make daily.  The constant fear of touching contaminated surfaces is driving the need to maintain a continuous and far more efficient method of sterilizing to prevent infection. Hemp textiles have a well-established anti-microbial history which we can see through the increase in demand for products like hemp fabric masks, gloves and other such hemp-based products which are here to stay due to the consistent growth in this new normal caused by the pandemic.

  • Hemp can help form a better immune system

It is without doubt that Hemp can aid in the process of strengthening the immune system but more research is needed to ascertain exactly how much it can help us in the fight against viruses like COVID-19 and other novel virus’.  The human immune system is a network of cells, organs, and tissues that work together to destroy foreign cells or particles keeping you healthy and alive.  Hemp seeds and leaves consumed as part of our daily ‘balanced’ diet will help to maintain health and reduce stress that surround us in this pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to continue for a long time yet, this may not be the last novel coronavirus we face in our lifetime. Hence, we need to ensure that we are better prepared in the future to fight against such viruses while also maintaining a normal form of operation in our daily routine. Adapting to hemp will not only help us explore the numerous underlined properties of this wonder plant but also help us sustain and live a healthy and eco-friendly life.

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