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The UK is still standing behind many countries who acknowledge the fact that hemp is an agricultural crop, which can provide innumerable sustainable products from its flowers, leaves, stalk, roots and seeds. Hemp is a competitive annual plant that grows just right in most of the world’s climates, soil types, and altitudes and pre-dates most crops.  The fruits of the hemp plant has been utilized and consumed by humans for more than 12,000 years.  One of the most talked about products of hemp is the fibre that is derived from it and its unmatchable characteristics.

Hemp fabric manufacturers in UK are slowly realising how economically advantageous this crop could prove and hence coming up with more options to utilise hemp to its best.

Currently, the hemp license still remains within the remit of the drugs and firearms department of the Home Office, and the process of getting the license is prohibitive. They carry out extensive criminal checks, strict limitations on the location of the growth of the plant, complicated paperwork, each compliance visit costs £1371, and it is not really feasible to find funding and investment to grow the industry.  These restrictions are posing huge hindrance in the path of the traditional farmers who see hemp as an alternative oil seed crop to rape, and with many more applications.  This is one of the reasons why Hemptology decided to import the best pure Himalayan hemp.  The hemp from the pristine slopes of the Himalayan ranges don’t just grow in the best climatic condition but is also deemed as one of the best hemp types found in the world.

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Hemp fibre from its stalk is considered stronger than steel and can be processed into building materials, textiles, cars, engines, ropes, paper, and packaging. Out of all potential uses, textile stands out as one of the best products made from hemp fibre.  It is known to possess more tensile strength than cotton fiber, preserves the soil and is sustainable more than any other organic fibre found on the planet.   Imagine the potential of this very humble plant, it requires less and provides more, but all that it needs right now is to be given right and proper attention.

Here’s a little brief if you don’t know what Hemp Fabric is

Hemp fabric is the material that is made using filaments from the stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant.  A thickly developing plant, which doesn’t require chemicals at all. Yes, you read that right, Hemp needs no pesticides. Astonishingly, it additionally returns 60-70% of the supplements it takes from the ground. Besides the fact that hemp is an extremely humble plant, it requires very little water, particularly when compared to cotton, which requires at least twice as much water than hemp.  The appreciation doesn’t end here, Hemp only requires a moderately limited quantity of land to develop. According to the Guide to Sustainable Textiles, this implies it can deliver up to twofold the fibre yield per hectare than cotton.

Why choose Hemp Fabric

Why choose Hemp Fabric?

Hemp fabric is moisture resistant, has high UPF, provides thermal protection and is naturally hypoallergenic. Hemp fibre has always been credited for its strength, versatility, and durability. It is one of the strongest natural fibres, and therefore, its textile products are long lasting and resilient. ​In particular, this type of fabric is highly recommended for T-shirts since it is resistant to wear and tear. Most cotton T-shirts are prone to shrinkage, or tear after a few washes, while hemp T-shirts retain their shape and integrity for a long time.

It is not really that hard to get hold of the best hemp fabric manufacturer in UK since it’s just a click away.  All you need to do is to look for a genuine seller and retailer who provides authentic hemp fabric and value for money.


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