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Hemp Bio-Plastics Project – Crowd Funding Lottery 

The following terms and conditions apply to the Hemptology Crowd Funding Lottery entitled ‘The Peoples Plastic Revolution – Hemp Bio-Plastic’

As part of the Hemptology Crowd Funding Initiative, donors will be entered into a lottery with the chance of winning a trip to India to see the project in action and the work that the Hemp Foundation is doing in Uttarakhand.

Please note that the lottery is dependent on the Crowd Funding Target of £250,000 being achieved or exceeded.

If the Crowd Funding Target is not achieved the lottery will not take place and no alternative will be offered.

Lottery Prizes         

Winners of the lottery will be flown from London, UK to Delhi, India in September 2023.

Accommodation and food (full board basis) will be provided.

Internal travel in India between Delhi and Hemp Foundation venues in Uttarakhand will be provided.

Winners will be taken to see the work being undertaken by the Hemp Foundation and provided with guided tours of the venues where they will meet the team and the people who work in the region.  There will be some opportunity for other sight-seeing and visits to cultural areas as part of the trip.

All winners will travel on the same flights to and from India and will be accommodated in the same hotels.  Date of the outbound flight from London to Delhi is Friday 1st September 2023*

A full itinerary will be provided prior to departure.   Outline itinerary (to be confirmed) is as follows:

            Day 1 – Travel to Delhi 

            Day 2 – Meet the team and visit Delhi highlights (full day tour of old and New Delhi)

            Day 3 – Travel from Delhi to Uttarakhand 

            Day 4 – Visit Hemp Foundation Sites 

            Day 5 – Free time in Uttarakhand

            Day 6 – Travel back to Delhi

            Day 7 – One day tour to Taj Mahal (Agra) 

            Day 8 – Fly back to London

Optional tour extension:  It will be possible to extend the time in India by prior arrangement.  Any extension would be at The Winner’s own expense.

*outbound flight date is provisional at this time and will be subject to amendment by the chosen carrier – all winner will be notified of any changes at least 3 months prior to departure.


One entry to the lottery will be granted for every £1 donated.

There are no restrictions on the number of entries any one individual, group or organisation can make.

All entries will be treated equally and every entry has the same chance of winning.


The lottery will take place within 4 weeks of the Crowd Funding Campaign Close.

The first 10 entries drawn will be ‘The Winners’


The Winners will be notified by 1st Class Post and by E-Mail.

A list of winners will be posted on our website.

The draw will be independently adjudicated, no disputes will be entered into.

All Winners will be required to confirm acceptance with the Terms and Conditions listed here within 7 days of being notified of their prize.  Failure to confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions will result in the prize being offered to the Reserve List (See below).  

Reserve List:

An additional 10 entries (11 – 20) will be drawn during the lottery.  These entries will be classed as ‘The reserve list’. The reserve list will be confirmed by the adjudicator in the order drawn and names of the reserves will be held by Hemptology Ltd.

In the event that any of ‘The Winners’ declines their prize this will be offered to the reserve list starting with entry no 11 onwards in strict sequence.  If you are offered a Reserve list place you will have 48 hours to accept or decline before it is offered to the next person on the list.  

In the event that no winner or reserve list place is taken up the prize will be forfeit.

Multiple Winners:

All entries will be treated equally, therefore there is a real possibility that any donor could win multiple times.  

Multiple winners will have the opportunity to offer their additional places on the trip their family, friends and associates. Names and addresses of additional prize nominees are to be given to Hemptology Ltd within 7 days of the original prize notification.  

Non-winners nominated by a multiple prize winner must confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions within 7 days of being nominated by the original prize winner and no later than 14 days from the date the original prize winner was notified of the draw results.

 If the multiple winner declines any prize this will be offered to the reserve list (see above).

Winning places cannot be sold 

What’s Not Included:

Whilst we believe that this will be a trip of a lifetime for our lucky winners, we can’t cater for absolutely everything so here is a list of things that are NOT included in the prize:

            Passport costs 

            Visa Costs

            Travel Insurance 

            Pre-Travel Medical Treatments (travel jabs, malaria treatments etc)



            Travel to and from the departure airport (London,UK)

            Any additional excursions taken on free days.

            Tips and gratuities.

            Any losses incurred as a result of missing the departure flight.

            No refunds of any sort will be given

            No cash alternative to the prize.


In the event that any of our lucky winners needs additional care or attendance by a third party during the trip, all costs associated with attendance of the carer will have to be borne by the winner.   

Passport & Visa Requirements:

All winners, nominees and carers will be responsible for ensuring that their passport is valid and all pre-departure Visa requirements have been met.  Hemptology will not be responsible for any traveller being declined travel or entry to India.

Please see: https://services.vfsglobal.com/gbr/en/ind/ for Passport and Visa requirements for travel to India.

Thank you for your kind donations and good luck

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