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Let’s Drive Towards a Healthy Future With Hemp Bioplastics

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Who is left unaware of the benefits plastics provide us like they are useful in production, manufacturing, and storage? From making cans for soft drinks to making polybags for storage. Plastics have been of great use to all of us. 

But have you ever realised the major side effects we are receiving from it? From disturbing our environment to disturbing our health, we are playing with everything. 

How Plastics are harmful?

We might not realise but our small habits are ruining our beautiful future. Do you want to know how? Let’s dive into the details

Once Manufactured, It Hardly Dies

Every plastic particle ever produced is still in nature since it was made, maybe 100, 500, or 1000 years ago. It is either lying in landfills or hiding deeply under the soil, but hardly dies and continues to pollute the environment if not recycled properly.

Each Single-use Plastic Counts

Several single-use plastic items are thrown away into the environment every second worldwide. Every single plastic bag, each piece of straw, each water bottle, and all the plastic glasses you ever used for enjoying juices are deadly for mother earth. You used them just once, but they are continuously polluting the environment for years. Since they are so large in quantity, they are burnt spreading poisonous fumes into the air.

Plastic Depletes Natural Resources

To manufacture plastic, we require fossil fuels. Scientific studies show that petroleum used to produce one plastic bag could drive a car approximately for 11 meters. Thus, the process of plastic may lead to the overuse of fossil fuels. This is the reason for a continuous rise in petroleum prices. The greater the use of plastic, the more will be demand for petroleum; resulting in scarcity and higher prices.

Silent Killer for Life on the Planet

When they take years to break down, plastic items are washed down into water bodies, where they act like a killer of marine life. Over 1 million marine animals and other land animals die because of plastic. According to a recent study, about 52% of all turtle species have ingested plastics. Plastic items littered on the ground are taken up by innocent land animals.

Hemp Bioplastics

Hemp Bioplastics might Help 

You don’t need to wait for action; you can do it today. Switch to Hemp Bioplastics. Just one person can help prevent plastic from ruining the environment. That one person could be you! It’s time to rise above the crowd and make a difference.

We have already stated the many benefits Hemp bioplastics can offer in our previous blogs. 

So, what are you waiting for? You are the one who can create the magic. Let’s do it together because we all have the best tool to conserve our environment, i.e., Hemp Bioplastics. 

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