100% Himalayan Hemp.

Choose Hemptology’s best and organic line-up of Hemp Clothing in Austria

Wondering where to start your next shopping haul? Why not choose something that’s completely derived from Nature and looks awesome as well!

To give you a quick headstart, Hemp may be used in other materials apart from textiles, such as sophisticated composites, which are used to create everything from fast-food containers to skateboard decks to the body of a stealth fighter. 

Hemp has nearly three times the cellulose level of wood, making it a superior alternative for generating paper and producing four times as much pulp per acre as trees.

It also requires fewer chemicals to process than conventional paper, so we won’t end up with three-eyed frogs as a byproduct.

Our line-up of Hemp Clothing in Austria is the best you can get for a price that won’t create holes in your pockets!

We use 100% Himalayan Hemp fabric for making our beanies, towels, shawls, etc. which are handcrafted by the Native women of the Pristine Himalayas.

On choosing Hemptology’s organic range of Hemp Clothing, you not only get to wear something awesome, but you also get to feel the mysticism of the Pristine Himalayas!

Trusted Hemp Clothing Manufacturer in Austria

The first question that arises when it comes to buying Hemp Fabric, is if it’s genuine?

Will the Hemp Clothin benefit me just the way it’s mentioned in the Internet?

Our simple answer to this is Yes!

Our Hemp clothing is lightweight, strong, and long-lasting. Its tensile strength is three times that of cotton. Hemp is a less expensive crop to farm due to its minimal growth needs. 

Depending on the type and climatic conditions, the duration between planting and harvesting might range from 70 to 140 days. A single acre of land will produce around 5,300 pounds of straw, which may be transformed into 1,300 pounds of fibre. 

You would be surprised to know, Hemp also produces more fibre per acre than trees and may be transplanted twice or three times each year.

All our textiles undergo very rigid trial and error sessions, and we choose only the clothes that are exquisite and durable for day-to-day usage.

hemp clothing

Best Wholesaler of Hemp Clothing in Austria

hemp fabric

To gift you with the experience of sharing something organic with your loved ones, or maybe to resell our exquisite line-up of Hemp Clothes, we strive to provide you with the best wholesale prices that you can get on the market.

We do not charge any middlemen fee and your package is delivered directly to your doorstep via DHL. It’s a completely hassle-free process to get yourselves organic Hemp Clothes in bulk from Hemptology.

Hemptology’s bulk orders are generally meticulously scrutinized to find all the faults that the clothes carry along with them.

Our wholesale Hemp Clothing line-up as well as regular retail units shields your skin from UV rays by filtering them naturally. They are resistant to bacterial development and breathe well, avoiding smells.

Hemp is four times stronger than cotton and will not shrink when washed. Color retention in hemp is superior to that of any other fabric. It conserves water!

Our 100% Himalayan Hemp requires only one-twentieth the amount of water to grow and process as normal cotton.

Factors like Durability, Himalayan Hemp Essence, Proper Coloring, Quality Trials, Feedback from common individuals, etc. all that pinpoints to having quality Hemp Fabric in Austria is our main motto.

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