100% Himalayan Hemp.

For people who love fashion & love the planet - Best hemp fabric in Finland

At Hemptology, we are dedicated to providing you with 100% organic hemp fabric that easily blends with other natural fabrics.

When you are looking for fabrics for your next big project, your hands immediately reach out to silk, cotton, linen considering they are soft and comfortable, as well as let’s you create a style statement. But are they safe for our planet, not so much?

However, what if we tell you that there is a fabric out there that’s fashionable and sustainable both. It is hemp fabric derived from a high-yielding plant from Cannabis Sativa family. Hemp can also be blended with other fibres for different qualities in the garment.

It is lightweight and absorbent, makes you feel fresh and relax always. Moreover, hemp fibre is biodegradable, when its time does come you won’t have to worry about it sitting in a landfill and hurting the planet. So, if you are looking for Hemp fabric in Finland, we are here for you.

Trusted hemp fabric manufacturers in Finland

When it comes to choosing the right fabric, you look for the best quality and that’s exactly what Hemptology provides. We proud ourselves as one of the trusted hemp fabric manufacturers in Finland. Our fabric is sourced from the Himalayan hemp and carries more strength that any other fabric.

It can be used to create a variety of apparels and other clothing items. Moreover, our fabrics are natural, chemical-free, and eco-friendly. Our products have a trusted quality accreditation as a leading hemp fabric throughout the United Kingdom.

Everything we sell is a style statement in itself, and it all comes at an unbelievable price. With us, take a step towards a better future and make the right choice.

hemp clothing

Where to find hemp fabric wholesale in Finland?

hemp fabric

Looking for the best hemp fabric wholesale in Finland? Well, Hemptology is here for you.  We came into being with the purpose to promote a better way of living by providing the best quality organic hemp products. Hemp is good not just for humans but also for the planet.

It is less expensive to farm because of its minimal growth requirements and hemp plants harvest quickly, producing 5-10 tons of cellulose fibre. The farming process uses very little water (half compared to cotton), does not require the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and is a readily renewable resource.

With our hemp fabric, you can make dresses, tops, and trousers for women, shirts and trousers for men. Clothes made from these will provide you with perfect comfort and style.

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