100% Himalayan Hemp.

Best hemp fabric in Portugal

Find and choose the best hemp fabric in Portugal at Hemptology. One of the largest suppliers, there is a wide range of fabric to choose from.

Make the right choice with Hemptology for a brighter and safer future ahead. We house a range of products made from organic hemp that promises remarkable quality and undeniable durability. Our hemp fabric in Portugal is manufactured from the fibres of a high-yielding cannabis sativa plant.

It is a fashion friendly and environmentally friendly fabric that boasts of eight times the tensile strength of cotton. Our hemp with their natural antimicrobial and hypoallergenic qualities is extremely gentle on the skin and do not cause any reactions to your skin.

Everything we sell is a fashion statement in itself and it all comes at an unbelievable price. When you order with us, your fabric will reach you in a timely manner without a any delay. With us, contribute towards a greener neighbourhood.

Trusted hemp fabric manufacturers in Portugal

A highly sustainable and fashionable fabric, hemp literally chokes out any competing fabrics. It is one of the most versatile fabrics that can be used to create anything from ship sails to sofa covers. Hemp fabric is similar to linen in texture and can be blended with other natural fabrics.  

It is a type of “bast fibre” meaning its one of natural fabrics derived from the stems of plants such as jute, flax. The fabric comes with various benefits including keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer while providing protection from the UV rays.

Hemptology is your one-click destination if you are looking for hemp fabrics in Europe. We are one of the trusted fabric manufacturers in Portugal providing high-quality hemp to meet your varied needs.

hemp clothing

Where to find wholesale hemp clothing in Portugal?

hemp fabric

Looking for wholesale hemp clothing in Portugal, Hemptology is hands down the best. Our organic hemp is grown in the Himalayan region using the natural farming methods without the use of any harmful chemicals. The hemp clothes we weave keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers.

You can buy them at ease with our online store and they would be delivered to you in a timely manner in the right condition. Our hemp clothes are one of our best offering and created keeping you in mind.

Not only our clothes are good in terms of quality and sustainability, but also in style. All our clothes follow the exiting fashion trends to make you stand out.

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