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Hemp Plastic: The Biodegradable Future

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Look at those animals smiling and enjoying their living, that crystal clear water, those strong green trees, and that you using all the products that are good for our mother earth and our environment. Sounds amazing right? But all of this is illusion because none of that is happening. 

We are disturbing our environment even more drastically by using plastic. Half of our lives are dependent upon plastic from carrying our vegetables from super market to throwing the waste in that plastic polythene has become our daily routine.

And i know you people don’t realize it but the affect is really serious. We are rapidly affecting our environment that leads to flood, earthquakes, no home for animals, global warming and what not. 

The only solution for this is HEMP BIOPLASTICS.

What is Bio plastic?

Bioplastics are plastic materials that come from renewable biomass sources. These sources include vegetable oils and fats, corn starch, sawdust, recycled food waste, woodchips, straw, hemp, etc. 

Of all these sources,hemp bioplastic is the most environmentally friendly. And the one with the most large scale and long-term scope.

Bubbling with questions? 

You’ll find all the answers right here. 

This guide will walk you through the following aspects.  

What is hemp bioplastic?

Hemp bioplastic is a natural and affordable alternative to oil-based plastics. It is made from the stalk of the plant, which contains sufficiently high cellulose content to make plastics. 

Hemp contains an extremely high cellulose content of between 65-70% (compared to 40% in wood). This gives hemp plastics the required durability and strength. 

Studies have also shown that hemp bioplastics (of different grades) are 5X stiffer than polypropylene. And 2.5X stronger too.  

Moreover, hemp fiber is also lightweight. This makes it a perfect replacement for fiberglass and other mainstream plastic use cases in the construction, packaging, and transportation sectors. 

Plus, it is recyclable. And even when not recycled, hemp bioplastic biodegrades within 3 to 6 months. And because hemp plastic is not made from fossil fuels, it doesn’t give out CO2 while decomposing. So it is not toxic either. 

hemp bioplastic

Other than being a source of good quality plastic, hemp has certain other exceptional qualities. 

For example, it has a low cultivation input and high output. 

  • It sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere. 
  • It doesn’t need much water for cultivation. 
  • It has absolutely no fertilizers and pesticides requirements. 

Plus, hemp, which is grown for bioplastic production, can also be used for soil remediation. 

This makes hemp bioplastic better than not just traditional oil-based plastic, but also other bioplastics made from cotton or wood. 

Currently, there are different grades of hemp bioplastics that are being manufactured. Two primary varieties are standard plastic with 30-40% hemp fiber and 100% hemp plastics. 

Can hemp bioplastic replace plastics?

Optimists looking at the hemp bioplastic market often assume that hemp-based alternatives will someday replace the entire plastic market. This leads to exorbitantly high valuation expectations from the hemp bioplastic market. 

But the reality is that hemp (or any other) bioplastics can never fully replace traditional plastics. 

For now, an attempt to match the volume demand for plastic with hemp would put a large part of Earth’s biodiversity at risk. 

Also, hemp lacks the required flexibility and tensile strength for certain applications. 

Another difficult case in question is the medical application of plastic. To replace plastic being used for medical purposes (packaging blood for transfusions), hemp would have to undergo rigorous testing.

However, it would be incorrect to not consider the opportunities that can be unlocked with breakthrough innovations or discoveries. 

Bottom line

Hemp is only recently being legalized across the globe. As it gets more public attention and research is done, the situation might change drastically. And Hemptology is one of the Largest Manufacturer and Wholesaler of the Bio-Plastic Products. Change the world with hemp bio plastics.

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