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Why Should We Be Using Strong, Non-Toxic, And Biodegradable Hemp Plastics?

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Plastic is said to be the world’s most versatile material used to create a profound number of things. From food wraps to mail order gadgets and even the humble pencil, you can get a lot from plastic. So, without a doubt, it is also an essential part of our life. However, no matter its infinite uses, plastic has some frightful impact on our planet Earth. Most plastics today constitute petroleum-based compounds that release harmful gases into the air and soil. The latter effect of plastics can seep into the groundwater and harm not only the aquatic life but people consuming the water.

So, despite its importance, we need to start finding an alternative to this material and now more so than ever. As per the UN, our planet is at high risk and on red alert. We are facing air pollution, water pollution, and climate changes, among other things, all of which can be partly or wholly blamed on plastic usage. Now, the question is, if not plastic, then what? Which material is as versatile as plastic and comes with pros but without cons? Well, the answer is pretty simple- Hemp plastics.

Hemp is nature’s miracle plant that you may have already heard about. You may know about Hemp bags, clothes, hemp seed oil, protein etc. But you might not be much aware of Hemp plastics. Hopefully, this short article will spur you on to look into this in more detail – for now, here are the basics.

Where does hemp plastic come from?

Hemp plastics, like other hemp products, are the by-product of the plant itself. Specifically, they come from the stalk of the plant. The stalk gives you a high cellulose count required for plastic production, providing strength and flexibility. That said, what makes Hemp plastic the right choice is its favourable growing characteristics and impact on the ecosystem.

The hemp plant can be easily cultivated within three to four months without the need for fertilisers and pesticides, making it more environmentally friendly than cotton or wood. Plus, they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, a significant cause of ozone depletion and the consequent global warming.

Here are the benefits of using Hemp plastics:

You know quite a lot about the Hemp plant and its amazing benefits so it is just a quick step from here to develop our understanding of why hemp plastic is better than other kinds.

benefits of hemp plastic
  • Biodegradable:

For a start, Hemp plastic takes around three to six months to decompose, unlike synthetic ones, which take hundreds of years. Hemp is entirely bio-degradable and recycled easily as Hemp plastic does not release any toxins as opposed to synthetic plastic that release harmful chemicals when recycled into the environment.

  • Durable:

Now, the reason people use plastic is that it is strong and won’t break down easily. What if we tell you that Hemp plastic is actually stronger than synthetic plastic and also extremely lightweight for use? You can say that plastic from Hemp is five times stiffer and 2.5 times stronger.

  • Reduces Pollution:

Conventional plastic is manufactured from fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide into the air, whereas when Hemp plastic is produced, no harmful gas is let out. In addition, making Hemp plastic requires less use of energy as opposed to other plastics.

  • Conserves wildlife:

According to sources, conventional plastic contributes to the death of millions of wildlife species on land and at sea. The reason is plastic breaks down into smaller pieces when exposed to sunlight and is consumed by aquatic animals, which causes their death. At the same time, Hemp plastic has no such impact.

So, when it is safe for the environment, easy to produce, durable and versatile for use, then choosing Hemp plastic would be the right choice. There is nothing it can’t do and offer that conventional plastic can. What’s great is that it comes with no devastating consequences for our planet. In the end, it is correct to say that Hemp plastic should be the future of plastics.

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