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Hemp Seed Oil and It’s Incredible Benefits

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Hemp oil (derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant) is also referred to as hemp seed oil as it is extracted from the seed and not the plant. There is a general misconception that hemp oil could be a source of intoxication, it is addictive and shouldn’t be used – this is completely untrue.  Hemp oil does not contain any of the tetrahydro cannabinoids (THC) associated with marijuana and the psychoactive effects it creates.

The Cannabis Sativa species is considered to be very low in THC and High in all the other nutrients that are good for us.

Just to add to the confusion – Oil from the Cannabis Sativa plant can be categorised into 2 main types – CBD oil and Hemp Seed Oil.  These are NOT the same:

  • CBD oil is derived from plant tissue such as the stalks, leaves and flowers of the plant which results in a more concentrated level of cannabinoid (including some THC) which is then diluted with a carrier oil.  CBD Oil is mainly used for its properties in treating pain, seizures and other neurological conditions.
  • Hemp seed oil on the other hand is only produced from the small seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant which do not contain any THC but have a fantastically rich level of nutrients, fatty acids and other bioactive compounds which are all good for us.

For decades the benefits of hemp seed oil have been overshadowed by myth and a lack of understanding about the goodness contained in this gift from mother nature.

hemp seed oil

How Is Hemp Oil Beneficial For Skin Health

The oil from hemp seed is highly nutritious in the sense that it contains vitamins and fatty acids which helps to keep the skin healthy and prevent breakouts. The fatty acids make the oil an amazing choice for skin nourishment further protecting from inflammation, signs of aging and oxidation.   For chronic acne sufferers, The Journal of Clinical Investigations found that it can reduce production of sebum from the sebum glands which in turn reduces the occurrence and/or severity of acne outbreaks.  Researchers also suggest that hemp seed oil can treat several other skin disorders including:

  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Varicose eczema
  • Lichen planus
  • Acne rosacea

Brain and Heart Health

Hemp seed oil also contains other essential compounds that may help protect the brain. One recent study found out that the presence of active compounds such as polyphenols which help protect the brain against inflammation.  As always, research continues to confirm and build on the knowledge built to date.  

One of the early studies documented in journal Nutrition and Metabolism noted that the nutrient profile of hemp seeds might be beneficial for various heart problems such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and cholesterol levels.  The review concludes that an increased level of alpha-linolenic acid, one of the fatty acids present in hemp oil, might reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease.

Though the current research suggests that the tiny trace elements of CBD in hemp oil may prove beneficial for the treatment of pain, this will require more human studies to gain credibility and validation.

hemp seed oil

Despite being one of the earliest known compounds, the study and research on hemp oil is relatively new.  Due to myths and misconceptions about the Cannabis Sativa plant, governments around the world have regulated and legislated against its use without having the full facts about its usefulness.  Happily, this is now changing and research into the possible benefits of hemp seed oil is expanding and scientists are finding more evidence to support the advantages of the plant or even discover new benefits. Either way, the future of hemp oil looks promising.

As always, it is important to ensure that hemp oil is purchased from a reliable manufacturer and that the seeds and oil are as pure as mother nature intended and not polluted by plant matter that may add compounds like THC.

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