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Hemp Seed Oil Can Boost Hair Growth And Strengthen Your Scalp

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There’s a lot more to hemp seed oil than you may think, not only is it great for your general health and mental wellbeing it is the best natural solution for your hair and scalp.

Here’s how it can be used for a better and stronger hair:

What science say’s about using hemp seed oil to achieve healthier and stronger hair

Hair and in particular the hair shaft can be damaged in many ways, but it is not widely known that water can be one of the worst offenders.  Manmade/chemical hair products and over-styling, makes hair vulnerable to water damage – the water penetrates the hair and hair shaft causing it to swell and makes it prone to breaking   Hemp seed oil is a natural barrier which protects hair by preventing excess water (or other foreign substances) from penetrating and destroying the hair shaft.  In addition to this natural protection, hemp oil further reduces harm by lubricating the hair shaft and reduces forces on the hair during combing and styling.

The protection which hemp seed oil provides, comes from its fatty acids content- omega-3 and omega-6. These fatty acids have a molecular structure with a hydrophilic end that stops your hair drying out and retains natural moisture levels, and a hydrophobic end which adds to shine; which makes hemp seed oil a perfect product for all types of hair including curly hair.

Hemp oil also contains vitamin E which plays its part in warding off the elements and guards hair from damage.

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Hemp seed oil is a versatile product and can be used in many ways according to your hair type

Leigh Hardges, a top Chicago-based stylist recommends the following:

  1. For dry, coarse, or curly hair hemp oil should be used moisturizer. A small amount distributed through hair midshaft [the middle of your strands] to ends will help to strengthen and moisturize hair that is older and more vulnerable to styling damage.
  2. For straight or fine hair, hemp seed oil can be used as a hot oil treatment.
  3. For dry hair and oily scalps, Leigh recommends applying the hemp seed oil directly to the scalp, leaving it overnight and shampooing in the morning.

The amino acids in the hemp seed oil can deliver properties to help balance the scalp and regulate the production of sebum, the body’s natural oil.


Don’t delay, move to a complete natural hair regimen.  Hemp seed oil is one of the best options available and you won’t be disappointed.  For the best possible effect you can combine your hair treatment with hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in your diet – which will act as a daily supplement to enhance nutrition and act as a defense against hair loss and damage, promoting its volume and thickness.  Alternatively, you can also apply it directly to your scalp as a moisturizer which prevents drying and stops breakage. For best results, use it both ways to boost hair growth from both the inside and out. 

Not only is hemp seed oil good for your hair and scalp, it will also help save our planet.

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