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Why are Hemp Socks the Undisputed Supreme Leader of all Socks?

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Socks are the daily essentials that go foot-in-foot with our Trainers, Boots, Clogs, even Sandals (but only for middle-aged Englishmen!), and all other types of footwear.

Some of us like to wear socks with Flip-flops too.

Just that feeling of pulling on a pair of nice socks feels good and our subconscious registers that wearing socks, our feet will remain warm and safe from various other factors, but are we wearing the right pair of socks?

There’s no ironclad answer to this, although any organic Product that has its benefits, is always a headstart to remaining healthy.

Hemp is ideal for socks! Not only is it a wonderful and silky cloth to wear, but it also wicks sweat and has natural antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Hemp socks are a fantastic alternative for natural fibre socks and provide a good comfortable wear.

A Brief History of Hemp:

The hemp plant is incredibly adaptable. Many people, however, are unaware of the historical significance of hemp and its numerous applications. In the early 17th century, British immigrants in North America were all told to cultivate a specific amount of hemp. 

The desire arose simply because hemp plants, which are fast-growing and adaptable, can be utilized to create a variety of other valuable items. The British monarchy, in particular, desired to exploit the colonists’ hemp to construct sails and rope for English ships.

One of the many things hemp excels at is the production of hemp fibre and textiles. Hemp canvas, for example, was lighter and stronger than cotton canvas when used to create sails.

Furthermore, unlike other fibres, hemp rope does not decay or lose its strength over time. Hemp fibre has moved on leaps and bounds since its early canvass and rope days and now is as fine as linen.  Modern hemp clothing has garnered accolades for its great quality, softness, and flexibility.

The satisfying experience of putting on a hemp garment that is durable, beautiful, and healthier for the environment is a big part of what we’ll look at in this short essay.

Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics to use when purchasing new clothing of any kind. Growing hemp requires considerably less water than growing organic cotton, and it takes up far less area due to its thick plant structure.

hemp socks

Best Pal of Mother Nature:

Try a pair of hemp socks for breathable, all-day comfort, whether you’re commuting to work or trekking in the outdoors. After trying a pair of hemp socks, there’s a good possibility you’ll be replacing your cotton socks and synthetic fibres in your sock drawer as they wear out, with hemp being your preferred material.

Hence Hemp socks are naturally odour-resistant and, like other organic goods, they are environmentally friendly.

The stark contrast between Natural/Organic and Conventional/Chemical:

Why should you pick all-natural organic socks over conventional socks? Socks are often comprised of 100% cotton or a combination of cotton and synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon. 

On the other hand, Hemp-based socks are manufactured from environmentally friendly hemp fibres as well as other sustainable materials like organic cotton, wool, flax, or bamboo.

While cotton is a natural fabric, its widespread manufacturing is harmful to the environment. It necessitates extensive irrigation as well as the application of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. 

Cotton requires the most pesticides of any crop on the planet. Its expansion pollutes the land and water, harming both the environment and the people who live nearby. 

Chemicals used in cotton product development and manufacture frequently wind up in completed clothes, releasing small poisons into the air and harming indoor air quality and the environment wherever the goods are utilized.

Nylon and polyester are petrochemical-based synthetic fabrics. Massive quantities of energy are required for their manufacture, which also pollutes the atmosphere with harmful pollutants like nitrous oxide.

These substances are not biodegradable.

So, apart from the above compleeling reasons to choose organic fibre, why should I choose hemp? what are the benefits of wearing hemp socks and why is it the #1 contender among all types of socks?

Adopt Organic Hemp Socks and Feel Rejuvenated.

How do hemp-based socks feel? In terms of feel and care, are they comparable to cotton? Natural hemp socks outperform standard cotton and synthetic mixes. 

This environmentally friendly fibre is the most durable, making it incredibly robust. You will not have holes in your socks after six months! They’re also mould-resistant, light, and absorbent, making them perfect for active, sweaty feet.

They can be washed in the washing machine just like cotton socks, and because they are more breathable than traditional fibres, they are ideal for Eco-friendly line-drying.

Hemp socks made out of purely organic hemp are difficult to come by and might be costly. This is because fibres alone are not suitable for contemporary manufacturing processes. 

They must be knitted, which is a more time-consuming procedure, however, it results in an amazing, long-lasting end product.

Hemp socks may be used as your favourite pair of cozy winter stockings or even as home slippers. Traditional natural, organic socks are produced from hemp mixed with other environmentally beneficial fibres.

We at Hemptology offer you Organic hemp socks made from the most organic hemp in the world!

We collect our Hemp from the foothills of the Himalayas. All our products are hand-knitted by native Himalayan women for top-notch quality.

You don’t need to wait for Christmas, our hemp socks are available all year round, so go grab yourselves a pair of Hemp socks and Feel the Mysticism of the Himalayas wrap around your feet and give your feet a hug.

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