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Hemp Textiles: An Emerging Powerhouse In Industry & Fashion

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Women empowerment  is the most effective tool for development as these days; women across the world are actively working as a leader and surpassing others in all the spheres of life. As the entire world is clasping its breath and praying every single day for an incredible escape from the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is the women governors and nations steered by these amazing figures who are taking over the responsibility and marching ahead in the battle alone wherever required. 

How Industries are Promoting Empowerment:

Women empowerment is what offers variety of benefits to an individual plus to the nation. Some of them are:

-Economically empowered women foster a sense of identity

-Economically empowered women serve as climate-change-adaptation champions.

– Economically empowered women shift gender norms.

– Economically empowered women contribute to better health and nutrition outcomes.

Understanding the advantages of Women Empowerment, many industries have starting adapting it. One of them is Hemptology.

Hemptology provides high-quality, sustainable hemp products responsibly sourced from Himalayan region of India to the UK retail and wholesale market. The Himalayan region is known for its purity, unique charm and mysticism. Hemptology aims to deliver the true fragrance and charm of Himalaya to your doorstep. Hemptology has also contributed in this direction.

We at Hemptology are committed to foster gender-just values towards a more egalitarian society. We are proactively facilitating women’s empowerment through:

  • We are mobilizing women through the formation of self-help groups (SHGs).
  • We are training women in occupational skills related to hemp-based agro-industries.
  • We are imparting marketing skills training to women.
  • We are connecting women’s SHGs to income-generating initiatives.
  • We are connecting women’s labor to the transforming economy of rural Uttarakhand.
hemp fabric

Hemptology provides variety of natural and organic products. One of the best is Hemp Fabrics. With Hemptology, you can buy Hemp fabrics made of Himalayan hemp. Our natural fiber clothing is made from hemp sourced from the Himalayan region using natural harvesting methods. We offer beautiful, timeless pieces that you will be able to cherish for an extended period. Our clothing line is durable and becomes more comfortable to wear with time. What makes it great is that the clothes soften with each wash and won’t quickly lose out on their shine and colors.

Apart from being remarkably resilient, our natural clothing is made from hemp fabrics that come with anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic qualities. This makes our clothes resistant to germs, foul colours, and skin irritation. Also, our clothes are definitely perfect in terms of style, not just in terms of the environment. Keeping in mind the current trends, we have developed a clothing line for fashion-conscious and environmentally aware generations.


Jump on the organic train with buying online natural fiber clothing for a better you and a better planet. It is better late than ever!

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