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hemp the most versatile crop

Why is Hemp called the most versatile crop in the world?

hemp the most versatile crop in

The world is witnessing a rapid increase in the popularity of hemp. From seeds, oils, and protein bars to shampoos, soaps, and clothes, hemp is making its way into many goods- though this is nothing new. 

If you are not aware, let us tell you that hemp has been an extensive part of our history. Humans have been cultivating it for thousands of years and using hemp for its fibre and seeds as well as for medicinal purposes. 

Hemp is a type of the Cannabis Sativa plant species and thus is often misunderstood with marijuana—another type of the same species. While botanically, they are from the same plant family, they are genetically different forms of cannabis.

This credibility barrier is something that stops it from dethroning every other organic substance. So, allow us to tell you that hemp won’t get you high as its THC content is too low for that. However, hemp can help you with an ample assortment of goods, which gives it the status of the most versatile crop in the world. 

Every part of the hemp plant can be used to create one thing or the other. Don’t believe us! Here’s a list of things that hemp can do- 

  • It provides healthy and wholesome hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are one of the best outcomes of the hemp plant that gives your body the essential nutrients it needs to lead a good and healthy life. They are rich in zinc, iron, and magnesium – which your body needs because it can’t make them on its own. 

  • Its high in protein and makes a perfect protein powder

Protein is the building block of the human body that fuels energy and enhances muscle strength, among other things. Hemp produces a high-quality protein powder that leaves behind those made from soy, whey, grains and nuts. It’s easier to digest and contains all of the essential amino acids (EAAs) needed to form a complete protein supply.

  • It produces hemp seed oil

Now, don’t’ confuse hemp seed oil with CBD oil, as they are two different things. That said, the hemp seed oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps prevent inflammatory diseases. It can be applied on skin and hair and can be added into salad dressings or other foods.

  • It can be used to make quality papers

Are you aware that The Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper? Yes, it’s definitely true. However, its use dates back to ancient times. In 150 BC, the Chinese create the world’s first kind of paper entirely from hemp. The great thing about hemp paper is that it slows deforestation, resists decomposition and doesn’t discolour with time. 

hemp the most versatile crop
  • It can be used in place of synthetic plastic 

Plastic is one of the major causes of environmental pollution. Synthetic plastic is non-biodegradable, it sits in landfills and spreads into groundwater, harming not only human life but aquatic life too. Enters hemp as a bioplastic that is biodegradable and can work as the perfect replica of synthetic plastic. You can use hemp plastic to create almost anything. 

  • It can be used for sustainable clothing 

The fibres from the hemp plant can be used to create clothes that are sustainable and stylish in nature. Hemp fabric doesn’t lose its colour and shine even after multiple washes. In fact, it becomes softer and more comfortable with time. Also, hemp fabric is recyclable, and its manufacturing requires less use of resources. 

  • It can be used as a biofuel

One of the most exciting and unique uses for hemp is the production of fuel. We can use hemp biomass to extract two primary types of fuel- hemp biodiesel which comes from hemp seed oil, and hemp ethanol/methanol, which comes from the fermented hemp stalk.

There you have it, hemp and its multiple uses. If this doesn’t convince you that hemp is nature’s finest and most versatile plant, then that’s your loss!  

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