100% Himalayan Hemp.

Hemp, The Powerhouse Of Sustainability

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When you adopt hemp products today, you pave the way for a better and safer future. Hemp is not a psychotic drug, no it is not! It is often confused with it’s notorious cousin marijuana, but the fact is, hemp contains low level of THC which is hardly toxic.

How can hemp aid in sustainability

Big time, hemp needs to be recognized as one of the most humble crops, of the most giving nature. It requires half the resources of growing cotton plant, and yet, turns out one of the most durable and sturdy fabric material.

Hemp clothing is gradually gaining recognition because of it’s innumerable benefits to mankind. The planet needs the to recover the greenery which is getting lost every other day. Hemp is a crop that possesses huge potential to retain the planet it’s former glory.

Hemp fabric last more than cotton and jute, it’s tensile strength is matchless. Hence, once you start wearing hemp clothes, you aren’t dumping it anytime soon.

Hemp food for life

When we talk about hemp food, we talk about hemp hearts, hemp protein powder, hemp seed oil, hemp milk, and hemp flour.

All this and so much more, if only you learn it’s incredible benefits and advantages for health.


Let’s learn the one major benefit of every other hemp food:

Hemp hearts – Rich in amino acid called arginine, which looks after heart health.

Hemp protein powder – Lean sources of plant-based protein which boosts metabolism, improves digestion, promotes proper body mass.

Hemp seed oil – Can be consumed as well as applied topically. Reduces inflammation, improved symptoms of atopic dermatitis, and strengthens hair.

Hemp milk – Contains more protein and healthy fats than other plant-based milk. Enriched with essential amino acids making it a great source of protein.

Hemp flour – Rich source of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. One of the best magnesium-rich food sources.

Since you’ve learnt the amazing benefits of hemp, and if you’re looking for some excellent hemp products, reach Hemptology today.

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