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Benefits of Hemp Undergarments To Your Body

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The right clothing can help you live a healthier, happier life. Someone’s life can be changed by a small change in your wardrobe. 

You will heal the planet with your new undergarments.

All of those things are possible with your undergarments. Undergarments are the often hidden dwellers of our wardrobes. They are talked about in hushed tones.

There is little consideration given to them. Who’s going to see them, after all? (Of course, unless we are talking about fancy beachwear or lacy lingerie)

But they matter.  A lot.

They matter to…

  • …your health and happiness.
  • To the environment.
  • And to society.

If you ditch your old fabric of underwear in favor of hemp, you can literally change your life. In more ways than one.

All you have to do is switch to hemp underwear.

Yes, hemp is a close cousin of marijuana. They come from the same family Cannabis Sativa.

But hemp undergarments won’t get you a high. 

That’s because hemp has a low THC content (less than 0.3%). THC is what gives you the high.

So even if you were to light up and smoke your hemp underwear (I don’t know why you’d do that anyway, but still), you won’t get the feeling of euphoria or ecstasy ordinarily associated with Mary J.

So if hemp undergarments cannot give you a high, how can they change your life?

They are just underwear, after all.

Well, here’s how your life will change if you switch to hemp undergarments.

Fewer Infections down There

hemp undergarments

Most modern underwear manufacturers are now infusing silver to make their products antibacterial. However, if that silver gets leached into the water stream (which will happen while washing), it can wreak havoc. Why chose more violence against nature when hemp can offer you similar results without harming the environment?

Hemp is antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial. It is also hypoallergenic because it contains no chemical allergens.

This means it will keep you safe from infections down there. Women who often struggle with yeast and fungal infections can benefit from hemp undies. Some studies have revealed that hemp undies can reduce the occurrence and duration of yeast infections.

When you sweat it out in the gym, you won’t have to worry about smells.

No bacterial growth = no embarrassing smells.


  • No itches under the bra straps.
  • Fewer zits and pimples down below.
  • Lower chances of chaffing and thigh rub rashes.
  • You can go longer with the same underwear. (Though we still don’t recommend it.)

Your undergarments could become your best friends if they are made of hemp.

Constant Comfort 

Believe it or not, but your privates need to be able to breathe.

Polyester and even cotton underwear don’t allow enough of that.

That’s why a lot of people consider going commando. However, that comes with its own set of troubles.


  • Accidental flashing. You cannot control the wind or a weak seam snapping when you squat or stretch. 
  • Your sensitive bits getting stuck in the zipper. Ouch! Even the imagination hurts.
  • Irritation caused by the rough material of your outer clothing, like jeans and tight pants.
  • Jock itch.
  • Yeast, bacteria, or fungal infections.
  • Visible wet patches when you sweat.
  • The outline of your private assets might be on public display if you wear certain tight-fitting clothes.
  • And so on.

The next best alternative is to wear hemp undergarments.

No matter what the season, with hemp undergarments covering your privates, you’d always be comfortable.

No Sunburns on Your Privates While You Are At The Beach

It’s fun to get a tan.

What about sunburns that may cause skin cancer?

That’s definitely not what you want, is it?

In order to prevent sunburn, you need to lather yourself with sunscreen when you are at the beach.

Did you ever think about your bikini/shorts-clad body parts? Your privates are still exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Even after you have your regular undergarments on.

Hemp underwear can save you from that.


We have jot down some of the benefits hemp undergarments provide. Then what are you waiting for? Book yours now from the best in the market, Hemptology.

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