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Hemp Undergarments

Hemp Undergarments : Good For Our Body And Our Planet Too

Hemp Undergarments in

What if your choice of undergarments could support and improve the health of your body and the planet too?

Well that’s exactly what Hemptology’s organic Hemp undergarments aim to do!

While many of us may not put much thought into what the underwear we buy is made from, we all know how annoying uncomfortable underwear can be.

As hemp has been growing in popularity in the sustainable fashion sector, brands have slowly been incorporating hemp into their underwear ranges.

Understand about hemp undergarments

Underwear has some very specific requirements like It must have sufficient stretch, must be soft, comfortable and breathable and must be fabric that can be worn against sensitive skin for prolonged areas of time.


There is no doubt that when it comes to making sustainable basics, hemp has some key advantages.


A more eco-friendly choice than many of its alternatives, hemp undergarments is a great option for conscious consumers.

Growing hemp plants doesn’t require toxic pesticides, crops also only need a small land area, producing 250% more fibre per hectare than cotton. Hemp plants also promote good soil health and require much less water than crops such as conventional cotton.


The hemp fibre has some antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that make it particularly useful for underwear. These properties help to keep you feeling fresh and make it an ideal choice for clothing such as that that is worn close to the skin and in intimate areas.

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Hemp fabric is moisture-wicking. This means that it’s really good at moving moisture away from the skin to the edges of the fabric fibres where it can evaporate. Impressively, hemp can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture and still feel dry!

Choose Hemp for comfort like never before

Our undergarments take care of our sensitive areas and protect them with bacteria and any kind of infection.

Thus, we should only choose what is best for our skin and give us comfort.

Hemp fabric is not only good for us but is extremely helpful for our environment too as it is a treasure of sustainability.

Book your hemp undergarments and enjoy the fabric that feels like nothing but comfort.

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