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How to use hemp fabrics in your home décor?

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According to L. Frank Baum, “There is no place like home”, and we couldn’t agree more! The home is your haven – a place where you forget life’s woes and let yourself be at peace.

However, what is it that makes four walls and a roof a home? What is it that instils life into your abode? Well, it is people, memories, love and also there’s home décor. The interiors of your home are the perfect reflection of your personality. Every little detail that goes into decorating your place defines your home and your character. So, it’s alright if you are choosy when looking for décor items to make your home feel like a warm embrace of a hug.

And to a lot of people’s amazement, hemp is a material rapidly climbing the ladder in the modern home décor world.

It may be difficult to comprehend home décor, home furnishing, and Hemp as something together. But believe it or not, people are actually choosing hemp fabric for their place. And why not? Hemp is biodegradable, requires less water, labour, and land as well as grows with no chemicals or pesticides and provides a better yield than other natural fabrics. In addition, it is resistant to mould and mildew with built-in UV protection. It is antibacterial and breathable, too, which keeps the fabric fresh.

So, this means using hemp fabric for your home décor will not only give your precious abode a nice feel but keep it safe and sustainable.

That said, let’s discuss how can you use hemp fabric for home décor in a way that will elevate your interiors. 

  • A hero fabric for curtains and blinds

Curtains/Drapes/Blinds serve more purpose than simply keeping the heat from the scorching sun away from your space. They can make or break the look of your space. Curtains are a must-have in your home – they sometimes become the statement piece of your room and add to the decorative appeal.

Hemp fabric makes way for the ideal curtain material lending a perfect balance of utility and décor to your space. The fabric is UV resistant, effectively protecting your property from the sun’s harmful rays. So, while the temperature is high outside, your inside will remain cool and relaxed. Plus, the fabric is robust so you don’t have to worry about changing your drapes every year. At the same time, hemp fabric is available in various colours and patterns to complement your home.

  • A comfortable fabric for your bedding

There is no doubt that hemp is a soft and comfortable fabric with anti-bacterial properties, so using it to create bed covers, pillows, or even blanket covers is not bad. Not only will hemp fabric add a decorative zest to your bedroom, but it will keep it hygienic. In addition, it is a breathable fabric, so creating bedding items from it won’t make you feel congested.

What’s more incredible is that hemp fabric doesn’t catch stains easily, so you don’t have to worry while having breakfast in bed. Also, this material doesn’t wear down quickly, in fact, it becomes more luxurious and comfortable with time. You can go for a plain hemp fabric for your bed covers, while for pillow covers, you can go for a mix of patterns and colours.

  • A durable fabric for your rugs and tea towels

Hemp fabric is the most durable fabric out there that doesn’t wear down or get dirty easily. So, you can use it to create a giant rug for your living room. Hemp’s durability will ensure that the rug lasts long, so you can easily place it in high traffic areas. It is further soft yet firm, and with a natural style, it makes for an excellent accent for tile or wooden floors.

hemp fabric

At the same time, hemp not only makes sure that your floors aren’t dull but also your meals. The suitable hemp fabric can make your meals exciting and interesting. It is a great material to be used for tea towels. The reason is it offers a soft yet exfoliating experience, and the amazing fact is that it gets stronger each time you use it. Its terry texture is absorbent, durable, and fast-drying.

The bottom line is hemp is an excellent fabric for home décor because of its utility and design. When you use hemp fabric for your home, you are not only upgrading your interiors but contributing to a better future. If you are confused about how to begin, you can order our hemp fabric swatch book that features fabric samples to see, touch, and feel to decide which ones you want.  

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