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How Can Hemp Fabric Help Curb Scarcity of Water

How Can Hemp Fabric Help Curb Scarcity of Water

How Can Hemp Fabric Help Curb Scarcity of Water in

It is well documented that the world we are living in is losing it’s natural resources at an increasing rate each day and one of the major problems is-preservation of water which is now at a critical stage.  This is exactly here where hemp comes to the rescue.  Wondering about the benefits of hemp fabric and how hemp clothes are connected with the concept of water conservation?  Let’s walk you through this blog.

Hemp products are gradually gaining recognition, especially after increased awareness about the negative effects of cotton on water levels.  Hemp clothes are a perfect substitute to cotton and can easily eradicate the cotton menace if understood better.

How Can Hemp Fabric Help Curb Scarcity of Water1

Hemp v’s Cotton- The Facts

Fact – it takes approximately 2700 liters of water to grow sufficient cotton plants to produce just one (yes, just ONE) kilogram of cotton?

As a direct result of this – there are many areas in the world that produce cotton that are subsequently running out of freshwater for human and livestock use.

Some of these cotton producing areas are now facing ‘desertification’ as the water table has receded or dried up all together as direct result of cotton production. 

On the other hand;

Fact – Hemp cultivation needs less than half the amount of water to that of cotton plants.  

Fact – Hemp is a stronger plant which grows faster and reaches maturity and is ready for harvest in only 120 days.   

Fact – Hemp can produce 200-250% more fibre than cotton per square meter of land when compared to cotton.

Fact – Hemp is at least 3 times stronger and more durable than cotton.

It therefore follows that Hemp uses less water than cotton, produces more fibre and is stronger and more durable than cotton.  It is therefore by far the better crop for environmental and conservation of water reasons. 

There are many more advantages of hemp over cotton but I am sure you have already taken the point.

Pesticides or Nature?

One of the biggest challenges with cotton production is the amount of pesticides that it requires during the growth cycle.  Around 25% of all the world’s pesticides are used by cotton farming!

These pesticides are absorbed by the plant and the cotton that the plant produces.  The fabrics manufactured from the cotton also contain elements of the pesticide that is subsequently absorbed by our skin when we wear the clothes and this can lead to irritation and allergic reactions. It is also reported that this can also lead to breathing problems, which are caused by cotton fabric.

On the other hand;

Hemp, yet again comes to the rescue.  Hemp doesn’t require any pesticides to grow.

You will be quite surprised by the fact that hemp doesn’t need any chemical support –  that’s right, hemp needs zero pesticides, zero herbicides or any other chemicals to grow.  The hemp plant uses mother nature to fight weeds and grow without intervention. Hemp plants also re-invigorate the soil and leave it healthier so any follow-on crops can thrive and grow. 

How Can Hemp Fabric Help Curb Scarcity of Water2


Cotton fabric is known for is its breathability.  We all love to wear cotton clothes or use cotton bedsheets and duvet covers as it feels fresh and cool.  And whilst this is true, it is also true that cotton actually absorbs moisture and retains it within the fibre.  Overtime cotton becomes smelly and if not washed or treated mould forms quite quickly.

On the other hand;

Hemp fabric is truly breathable.  The structure of the long unbroken fibres has larger pores which facilitates optimum air flow and wicks moisture away effectively.  It is well documented that hemp is the most breathable of all the natural fibres.  Hemp also has natural anti-bacterial properties and is hypoallergenic, which means that it will not allow mildew or moulds to grow easily.

Hemp fabric is also naturally UV resistant, when combined with its superior breathability it feels so much nicer when worn next to the skin than cotton and other fibres. Hemp keeps you feeling cool in hot climates and warm and snuggly in cold climates.  All of that and it saves water – it just doesn’t get any better and its all provided by mother nature herself.

So what are you waiting for?  Come and join us in the hemp revolution, save water and build a better world for our children.

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