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How Can You Incorporate Hemp Seed Oil In Your Daily Skin Care Routine

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The culture around skin care is based on the simple notion of Self-love and Self-care, our daily skin care routine no matter how small or elaborate it is, signifies the love, attention and care that we give to our own bodies. The growing trend involving the use sheet masks, pore strips, essential oil and serums are testament to the growing awareness of how important our skin is and a desire to have healthy and glowing skin.

A clear, glowing and bright skin is the goal for adopting a healthy skin care routine and part of that routine includes the selection and use of products that suit us best.  There is no ‘perfect’ solution out there, every one of us is different and we all react in different ways to various chemicals, lotions, potions and creams.   That said, among all the various skin care products available, essential oils and serums have turned out to be the top most effective and essential factor in attaining a perfect skin care regime. And the hype around these oils cannot be underestimated!

When it comes to skin care and essential oils, the best are the simplest, most natural and ancient of all – cold pressed oils! Cold pressed oils like hemp seed oil are said to be the demi-gods of all essential oils, these oils possess properties that can support oily, dry and sensitive skin types.

Hemp seed oil is purely derived from the seeds of hemp, but what makes it great for your skin is that it contains tiny traces of cannabidiol aka CBD. Cannabidiol emits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which is in turn beneficial in treating skin concerns like inflammation, dryness and free radical damage. 

Hemp seed oil for skin can often be confused with hemp oil, but it is entirely independent of its properties. It is harvested by cold-pressing hemp seeds while hemp oil is harvested from the extract of the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. Hemp seed oil is legalized and is also used for the production of various cosmetic products as well as a nutritional supplement.

Here’s why you should be incorporating this mystical ingredient in our daily skin care routine.

  • It is naturally anti-inflammatory

As someone who has highly sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and inflammation, I can advocate to the fact that hemp seed oil is a blessing in disguise. There is nothing worse than a bad skin day and if there is something that can get rid of the after effects of this phenomenon, it is the one and only hemp seed oil!

  • Perfect for curbing oily skin

Hemp seed oil helps in maintaining a balance between oily and dry skin, it aids in oil control when it comes to oil clogged pores and evens out dry skin with its moisturizing property. It maintains the perfect balance in your day to day needs for glowing and healthy skin.

  • Acts as an aid for various skin conditions

For skin conditions like dermatitis eczema, and psoriasis, hemp seed oil acts as a divine healing agent. This property of hemp seed oil is owed to the fatty acids and vitamin D content that are found in it, the fatty acids help in ensuring that the cell membranes retain their flexibility while the vitamin D content aids in hydration and absorption of calcium into the skin.

  • Anti-aging is a factor

One of the major properties of hemp seed oil for skin is that it promotes anti-aging. If you are worried about the fine line and aging wrinkles forming on your skin, hemp seed oil is the miracle you need. Hemp seed oil contains Linoleic and Oleic acid which cannot be naturally produced by our bodies but are of utmost importance when it comes to maintaining healthy skin and reducing the sign of aging. Another important element in hemp seed oil is that presence of vitamin E, vitamin E acts as great anti-oxidant and removes the toxic elements from the body while also moisturizing and hydrating the skin.

In conclusion, hemp seed oil for skin serves as the all rounding solution to all your skin related problem and more. It is the perfect healing moisturizing and hydrating agent for your skin and switching to hemp seed oil while incorporating it in your daily skin routine can only be beneficial for you.

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