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How has hemp set the stage for slow fashion movement

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Fashion plays a big deal in our life but in our desire for more and more, we are ignoring the consequences of our action on the environment. Indeed all of the environmental concerns are either caused by or contribute to, the ever-increasing consumption of goods and services. Fast fashion has become the new norm. At the speed of consumer’s changing tastes and preferences in trends – the textile industry is producing cheap fibre, making slow fashion an oxymoron. This has a long and deleterious effects on the environment.

Fast fashion needs to be replaced by slow fashion, as it promotes high quality, durability and mindful consumption. To achieve this goal we have to look for better solutions. Industrial hemp is an absolute answer to this rising issue. It is eco-friendly, requires minimal or no pesticide and is versatile.

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Advantages of Hemp

Hemp is a super versatile fibre and can be easily blended with other fibres like silk, muslin, denim, canvas, suede, fleece to produce a variety of fabrics which are lightweight, durable, soft, resilient, and absorbent. Hemp fabric has the warmth and softness of natural fibre along with superior durability not found in other natural fibres. The finished fabric can be utilised in manufactured products such as upholstery, apparel, accessories, shoes, furniture, and home furnishings. Home furnishings made from hemp have many beneficial qualities including bacterial resistance and zero biotoxins. It lasts longer and can withstand harsh conditions.  It is stronger than any other natural fabric and is hypo-allergenic, moisture absorbent, fire retardant, a good insulator, UV resistant along with the characteristic of being the only fabric that allows air flow.

The process involves cultivating the cannabis sativa plant, converting the fibre into yarn and finally into the fabric with minimal strain on the natural resources. Hemp fabric is a natural fibre and therefore the end of its natural life it returns to mother earth as it’s completely biodegradable.

Creating Awareness

Hemp is surely redefining slow fashion and the future of fashion and textile industry. Initially, the price might seem a little high for purchasing this material but if one looks at the bigger picture and for the long run, one unit of this sustainable, durable material will beat five units of cheap material. The best way to combat any adverse environmental impact is not to recycle more but to produce and discard less.  Consumer mind sets are changing especially with the younger generation becoming more aware of environmental concerns and the benefits of buying garments that last longer and are less harmful to our planet.  Fashion needs to change and the promotion of lines that encourage the consumer to use less but buy quality products needs to come back into vogue.  Influencing consumers to switch to slow fashion over fast fashion will go a long way in cutting down pollution and its adverse effects on our environment.

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