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How Online Natural Fibre Clothing Creates A Trend For Sustainable Fashion

Natural Fibre Clothing in

The fast pace of the fashion industry may seem like a roll of trends and style to the world, but it is much more than that. With the ever-growing demand and change in fast fashion, there is also a significantly large amount of textile waste generated.  It is a little-known fact that the fashion industry the world’s second largest contributor to the overall pollution on the planet! 

You don’t need to be Greta Thunberg to know that this just cannot continue.  We must stop this ‘fast fashion’ plague and bring back sustainability in our clothing choices.  In days gone by, sustainability and durability were taken for granted and clothes were designed to last but, since the industrial revolution and rapid changes in technology we have slowly swapped this for cheap, man-made throw away clothing.  This just adds to the waste piles of inorganic materials polluting our planet.  Now more than ever before is the time to include organic and natural fibres in our day to day lives. Let’s start here by increasing awareness as to how the industry of online natural fibre clothing is beneficial for us and the planet.

Many people have a pre conceived notion that organic clothing is rough, homespun sack cloth without style or comfort but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  The fact is that fibres derived from an immensely beneficial crop like hemp makes the finest, strongest fibres which can be made into fine, stylish and comfortable to wear clothing. 

Among all other natural and organic fibres, Hemp is four times more durable and possesses a tensile strength that’s eight times higher than other natural and organic fibres, it is an ideal choice for everyday clothing and can handle serious wear and tear, if we compare to a normal cotton shirt it outdoes it in terms of strength and tends to last three times longer.

Natural Fibre Clothing

What’s more you ask?

  • Hemp is vegan in nature

For all those of you looking for a vegan alternative for your clothing and fashion needs, hemp-based fibre clothing is the answer, the fabric derived out of hemp fibres are free of any chemicals as it naturally fends off pests and is organic by default.

  • It has hypoallergenic properties

Another reason for switching on to organic natural fibre clothing is in its property to be hypoallergenic, which is a benefit for those who have skin related issues or sensitive skin.

  • It serves as a shield against cancer

Hemp is UV resistant and blocks harmful UV rays that are one of the major factors in causing skin cancer.

The benefits of using sustainable, organic fabrics are becoming more widely known and some high profile advocates of sustainable living and celebrities are setting trends in sustainable fashion.  This is helping to drive home the message and convince large scale clothing manufacturers and brands to switch to organic natural fibre to stay in vogue while keeping up with the minute changing trends in fashion.

Natural Fibre Clothing

Here are some known advocates of sustainable fashion, that have adapted to becoming the trendsetters for online natural fibre clothing.

  • Michael Fassbender

For all marvel fans, here is some inspiration to switch to sustainable living with Magneto in the X-Men movies, Michael Fassbender can be termed as a real- life super hero for the planet while promoting sustainable fashion. He is a strong advocate for hemp based sustainable fashion and incorporates the same in his daily lifestyle.

  • Emma Watson

The stunning actress is a globally known for her sustainable living, all her red carpets look promote and adapt to sustainable fashion, she takes pride in her ethical wardrobe and has created a significant impact in the elevation of online organic natural fibres and clothing.

  • Rasika Dugal

The award-winning environment enthusiast actress has set a parameter not only through her acting in Mirzapur but also through her keen eye for sustainable fashion. She is seen wearing elegant organic masterpieces at several events while encouraging the adaptation of hemp-based clothing

  • Bob Burnquist

Not only known for being an outstanding professional skateboarder, but also for his enthusiasm for endorsing organic natural fibre clothing and environmentally conscious lifestyle. He is always sharing his personal experiences with his fans and talks about how hemp gives him liveliness and a better understanding of how the planet is much more than its resources.

Come and join them and all of us at Hemptology, join the organic revolution and give our children a better future.

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