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Organic Food Suppliers In UK

How Organic Food Suppliers In UK Witnessed A Sharp Rise In Sales

Organic Food Suppliers In UK in

Sales of organic food and drink saw a steep rise in the UK during lockdown and also, have soared by double the rate of non-organic equivalents taken into account the past couple of years. This rise shows a genuine concern amongst the people of UK to shift to a healthier lifestyle. There are families and individuals who are looking for a better way and to find a better solution for all their nutritional requirements and this calls for honest organic food suppliers in UK. Why is this term ‘honest’ even used? The reason being, not every buyer is still aware about the distinction between organic and inorganic products and they tend to give into whatever the supplier claims about a particular food product.

What makes organic food different from inorganic food is simple; for the former there is no use of chemicals or preservatives and for the latter there is an involvement of many chemical elements and preservatives. Honest organic food suppliers in UK strictly refrain from adulteration and are true to their ethics.

Organic Food Suppliers In UK
Organic Food Suppliers

2020 has been a very crucial year for people to realise the importance of organic food products and the health benefits that comes with it. Data acquired from the market research company Nielsen shows that organic food and drink sales grew by 6.1% which is almost double the 3.2% growth of non-organic food and drink products. It also reported a 18.7% increase in organic sales in the first six months of the year, which includes 10 weeks of lockdown compared with a 14.2% increase in non-organic equivalents.

The figures above were showcased by the Soil Association, the trade body which licenses organic products and promotes organic farming. “The sector is on track to hit the £2.6bn mark by the end of the year, exceeding the £2.5bn originally projected,”the association said. “Organic farming is a whole system approach that nurtures the soil, biodiversity and our planet,” said Louisa Pharoah of the Soil Association. “The Covid-19 pandemic has meant more people appreciate where food comes from, and with the increased interest in growing veg in our gardens and home baking, there’s never been a better time to talk to people about the benefits of organic farming.

The UK’s largest supermarket, Tesco, said that organic fresh produce sales had risen 5% in volume when compared with the stats of last year, while during the lockdown period this reached more than 12% growth on the same period last year. More than fresh fruit and veggies, the most popular food is its organic egg six-pack, with more than 48m individual eggs sold over the past six months.

Organic Food Suppliers In UK
Organic Food Suppliers In UK

Such a substantial rise had led the organic food suppliers in UK to focus on bringing up new organic products in the market that can prove beneficial both for individuals and the planet as a whole.

Hemp food is one such organic product which is making a lot of rounds because of its humble characteristics and it’s incredible health benefits. It still requires wide acknowledgement for a full-fledged supply. But here, at Hemptology, you can choose the best hemp food products like hemp seed, hemp oil and hemp protein powder procured from the pristine Himalayan range as a better option for nourishment. You can get the products at ease as it’s just a click away and all our products are in no way associated with chemicals or any sort of psychoactive compounds. It’s time to make way for a better and healthier future for both ourselves and our children.

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