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Why is Hemp Fabric the Supreme Leader Among all Fabrics?

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Remember when Rick said, “Morty, take a look at the future of fabric- HEMP!”.

To our surprise, a statement from a fictional character in a TV cartoon is no more an imaginable attribute as of today.

Hemp has an unfortunate ‘recent’ history largely linked to behaviours and beliefs of the 1960’s generation regarding hemp use or should we say ‘mis-use’.  Times have changed and the world is re-awakening to the benefits that this wonder plant can bring.  Hemp fabric is one of those wonders, let us explain:

Just imagine wearing a fabric that makes you look cool, and gives you the green light from your parents on wearing it outside as a daily apparel.

But this isn’t a new discovery; hemp fabric has been discovered wrapped around royalty and commoners equally in some of the earliest surviving relics. 

Hemp, also known as Cannabis Sativa L., is said to be one of the first cultivated plants.

Hemp is gaining popularity in fashion, and it’s going to change your wardrobe and the environment!

Check out these awesome benefits of Hemp Fabric:

  • Hemp has a very low carbon footprint. And the fabric made out of it, is a certified Carbon Legionary.
  • Hemp fabric uses much less water, likewise causes much less pollution.
  • Soil and Hemp are made for each other. So, hemp is a fabric that is the most suitable for any type of soil that it is grown in.
  • Hemp requires the least amount of land to grow. Likewise, the cool fabric you will be wearing is environment friendly too.
  • Hemp fabrics are anti-microbial and durable.
  • One very unique feature of Hemp fabrics is that it softens over time. Hemp fabric doesn’t wear out, it ‘wears in’
  • Hemp fabrics are UV-resistant, so it protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Hemp is the strongest natural fibre, 3 x stronger than cotton and resistant to wear, pilling, tearing and cuts.
hemp fabric

How is the Hemp processed into Fabric?

Hemp cellulose fibre is used to create a variety of items such as jeans, shirts, dresses, caps, bags, ropes and canvas, skin care products, construction materials, paper, and a variety of food products.

Check this out, Henry Ford even built a vehicle partially made of hemp to assist American farmers. How cool it that?!

And, until the 1920s, hemp textiles were used to make 80 percent of all apparel.

  • China, the world’s top producer of hemp fabric, processes hemp using chemical techniques, but European manufacturers have begun to employ cleaner biologically-based enzyme technology. 
  • Neither technique creates fabric that is as white and soft as cotton.
  • As a result, hemp apparel is frequently mixed with cotton, which uses considerably more resources than hemp from an environmental standpoint.
  • To solve this issue, Hemptown Clothing and the Canadian federal science institution NRC have cooperated to patent ‘Crailar’, a novel enzyme process that converts industrial hemp into a soft, white “Canadian cotton” product.

With all this being claimed, the question in your minds would be where do I find this hemp fabric? And how much do we have to pay?

Here’s where Hemptology comes to your rescue!

At Hemptology, we offer you a vast array of Hemp fabrics to choose from, probably the largest selection of hemp fabrics in the world!

Some examples of Hemptology’s hemp fabrics are as follows:

hemp fabric
  • Elegance– which is our premium Hemp fabric that costs you £19.95 per meter.
  • Belladonna– unlike the poisonous perennial herbaceous plant, this is beautiful, smooth charcoal coloured chambray fabric provided by us that costs you £18.56 per meter.
  • Forget Me Not– Is another one of our premium chambrays, turquoise in colour, which also costs £18.56 per meter.
  • Fern– Is a lush green premium organic Himalayan hemp fabric, that costs you £18.56 per meter.
  • Parchment– This is one of our uniquely designed fabrics that has the look of parchment and the feel of soft linen. It will cost you £25 per meter.
  • Papyrus– Unlike those scrolls we used to find in the ancient eras, this is another one of our premium hemp fabrics having a unique light brown/natural colour. This will cost you £25 per meter.
  • Tranquillity– This is premium hemp blended with 20% lyocell and is soft and light, cooling on the skin, white in colour.  It is a delight to hold and feel hence its name.  This will cost you £17.80 per meter.
  • Serenity– This is another hemp blend with 40% lyocell, our lightest fabric in the current range, pure white fabric, that will cost you £15.95 per meter.
  •  Peaceful– This is a premium hemp blend to which we have added a luxurious organic linen to create a beautiful, soft herringbone pattern fabric.  50% Hemp, 30% linen and 20% lyocell for the best of all 3 fibres.  Pure white fabric. This will cost you £18.67 per meter.
  • Innocence– This is also a 50% Hemp, 30% Linen, 20% Lyocell blend but instead of herringbone, this is a fine jacquard pattern and is just gorgeous.   This will cost you £18.67 per meter.
  • Timeless– As the name suggests, this fabric is one of the most bought and liked premium hemp fabrics from Hemptology. It is 100% Hemp in a herringbone pattern and could will add grace and elegance to any setting.  This will cost you £18.56 per meter.
  • Mystery– Again as the name suggests, this fabric incorporates the mystic and wonder of Himalaya’s in the most beautiful twill fabric you are likely to come across.  Cotton white in colour. It will cost you £24.10 per meter.
  • Tulip– Just like the colour of the tulip flower, it has the unique red hue to it. This premium hemp chambray fabric will cost you £18.56 per meter.
  • Primrose– This unique premium hemp fabric has a light pastel yellow colour to it. It will cost you £18.56 per meter.
  • Iris– Similar to a blue-eyed hawker dragonfly’s colour, this premium hemp fabric has a unique jeans blue hue to it. This will cost you £18.56 per meter.
  • Foxglove– This premium hemp fabric has a darkish pink colour and soft touch to it. It will cost you £18.56 per meter.
  • CROCUS– This is another 100% natural Himalayan Hemp fabric with a Pharoah bronze finish to it. It will cost you around £18.56 per meter.
  • Bracken– Unlike the tall coarse fern, this premium hemp fabric has a very light natural straw colour to it. It will cost you £18.56 per meter.

The importance of this flexible, easy-to-grow, environmentally friendly crop is becoming increasingly evident. 

In many areas, hemp farmers frequently earn more than ten times the amount of money per acre as grain producers. 

This is a potential option for farmers whose existing crops are experiencing decreased demand. Take notice, tobacco growers!

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