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hemp fabric wholesale in UK

Let’s Make Hemp Fabric Wholesale In UK the ‘New Normal’

hemp fabric wholesale in UK in

Currently, obtaining a hemp license still remains within the remit of the drugs and firearms department of the Home Office, and the process of getting the license is prohibitive. There are time consuming, expensive criminal checks, strict limitations on the location of the growth of the plant, extensive paper work, each compliance visit costs £1371, and it is difficult to obtain funding and investment to grow the industry.  Hemptology has therefore adopted the best alternative, importing pure Himalayan hemp. The hemp from the pristine slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges doesn’t just grow in the best climatic condition but is also considered as one of the best hemp types found in the world.

The UK needs to catch up and join with progressive countries who have realized that hemp is an agricultural crop which can provide innumerable organic products from its flowers, leaves, stalk, roots and seeds.  Hemp is a competitive annual plant that grows perfectly in most of the world’s climates, soil types, and altitudes and pre-dates most crops, the fruits of which have been utilized and consumed by humans for more than 12,000 years. One of the most talked about products of hemp is the fabric which has unparalleled characteristics. Hemp fabric is the most durable fabric available and lasts for years without signs of wear and tear. This humble fabric is exactly what the world needs to counteract the serious threat to our environment posed by ‘fast fashion’ and the use of unsustainable fabrics.

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The UK is seeing huge leaps in the field of fashion, a number of designers are coming up with innovative fabrics and designs most of which are derived from unsustainable sources. Little do they realize what kind of serious issue lies ahead as our natural resources are being used up at an incredible rate and we are giving nothing back to nature.  When we choose hemp as a fabric and change our attitude towards ‘slow fashion’ (clothes that last and are worn multiple times) we are not just creating a sustainable line of fashion but simultaneously aiding the environment.

Why is hemp better? Well, Hemp fibre derived from the plant stalk is considered stronger than steel and can be processed into building materials, textiles, cars, engines, ropes, paper, and packaging.  Out of all these applications, textile stands out as one of the best products procured from hemp fibre.  It tensile strength is more than 3 times that of cotton fibre, it preserves the soil, needs less water, no pesticides and is more sustainable than any other organic fibre found on the planet. Therefore, one can imagine the potential of this very humble crop. It actually needs less attention and provides more, but all that it needs right now is proper acknowledgement.

Choose Hemptology to buy your hemp fabric wholesale in UK as we import hemp from the pristine Himalayan ranges where hemp cultivation has been continuing for years. This amazing plant works for the livelihood of many farmers and cultivators apart from giving one of the finest fabrics. Let’s not forget that we’re just talking about the stalk of the hemp plant, which is a part used to produce hemp fabric. The leaves and seeds of the plant are used to make the one of the purest organic hemp seed oils and many other products which hold individual benefits.

We believe in the power of this super-crop and that together through our blogs, our customers and regular information and education programme we can aim to influence change for the benefit of our environment and make the world a better place for future generations.

hemp fabric wholesale in UK

Choose hemp fabric, help us to bring about a revolution in the clothing industry.  We can’t rely on others to save the planet, come and join us – together we can make a difference.

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