100% Himalayan Hemp.
Looking For The Best Hemp Fabric Suppliers In UK?

Looking For The Best Hemp Fabric Suppliers In UK? Well, You Have Landed The Right Page

Looking For The Best Hemp Fabric Suppliers In UK? in

Hemp Fabric, The Future Of Fashion

Hemp Fabric is one of the greatest ways for a better and sustainable fashion. Natural fabrics like cotton, silk, rayon etc might give you the comfort that you’ve been wanting but the process of yielding them might not really be that friendly towards the environment. In return of your comfort and style it is also exploiting the natural resources which takes a lot of time to recover. Hemp is that super-crop the fabric of which not only imparts sheer comfort but lasts much more than the popularly known natural fabrics. Hemp rather aids the nature with its goodness.

To get the best hemp fabric suppliers in UK, you would first need to know about the features of authentic hemp fabric:

  • Hemp fabric feels amazingly soft on the skin and is also recognized as the fabric that grows softer with each wash.
  • Hemp is naturally anti-microbial which doesn’t allow dust and mite to settle on it.
  • It holds the power to protect you naturally from harmful UV rays. Therefore, it basically protects your skin, and retains the color of the fabric much better than other organic fabrics.
  • Hemp fiber from its stalk is considered stronger than steel and can be processed into building materials, textiles, cars, engines, ropes, paper, and packaging. 
  • The fabric literally prevents you from getting stinky, is stronger and more durable than cotton.

How Hemp Fibers Are Produced?

Fabric Suppliers In UK

How Is Hemp Better Than Cotton?

How Is Hemp Better Than Cotton?

At Hemptology, we import hemp from the pristine Himalayan ranges wherein hemp cultivation has been continuing for years. This magnificent plant works for the livelihood of many farmers and cultivators apart from giving one of the finest fabrics. Mind you, we’re just talking about the stalk of the hemp plant, which is a part used to produce hemp fabric. The leaves and seeds of the plant are used to make the versatile hemp seed oil and fuel and many other products which holds individual benefits. Hemptology believes in the power of this super-crop and aims to bring about an acknowledgement amongst the people of UK. At this time, where we’re standing; the planet needs to be taken care of and we are cannot be ignoring it anymore for our own choices and preferences in the field of fashion. Together, we can bring about a phenomenal change only if we realize what good products of nature should we be taking advantages of.

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