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Hemp, the future of sustainable fashion

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The world is moving forward like never before and yet there is this desire in us to slow down the pace. With the advent of fast fashion, every teenager or a millennial’s dream of dressing up to appear chic and cool off the runway at a nominal rate may have been fulfilled, but that is taking a toll on the health of our planet each day.

There is still a solution, though. The fashion industry can be considered as one of the most polluted ones in the world, but there are companies, groups and NGO’s showing up around the world to cope up with this problem of Fast Fashion that has been one of the biggest contributors to bring about a change in the climate. One such brand which can sustain the environment is Hemptology.

Born out of the sheer inclination to provide sustainable options to designers without any hindrance of minimum order quantities, Hemptology is carving a place for itself in the textile market space in India by catering to the demands of small as well as big buyers by delivering some of the widest range of knitted, woven, and handloom


There are three varieties of Hemp Fabric

interlock fabric 500x500 1


Lightweight stretchy fabrics meant for designing t-shirts, sportswear, home décor. It’s an amalgamation of Hemp with organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester.

identification of type of size in woven fabrics


Made on a power loom, these fabrics come in varying thicknesses that can be used across clothing, accessories, and home décor. They can be 100% Hemp or blends of Hemp with organic cotton, Tencel, yak hair, wool, and silk.

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Spun with all effort by hand, every handloom fabric is distinct and can be used in the most interesting ways in clothing, accessories and home décor.
They can be 100% Hemp or in blends with organic cotton, nettle, and wool.


Hemptology is for the one who wants to create beautiful and yet a sustainable fashion. Whether you’re researching for your next fashion collection as a designer or you’re working on a social experiment, we’ve got you covered. 

Our fabrics can be used to make clothing, accessories, home décor items, sportswear, lingerie or almost anything. If you’re not certain about the fabrics you want, the best way to begin is by ordering our Master Swatch Book to take a closer look, and touch and feel the fabrics first.

Tranquility 3


Hemp is one of the oldest textiles to be known, dating back to almost 10,000 years. But since it vanished for quite sometime in between, people are now trying to perceive this fabric all over again. History is sure to repeat itself- this time for the better.

Administration’s around the globe may have unfairly banned Hemp for looking like Marijuana, but the humble plant remains selfless as ever. It needs far less water than cotton to grow and yet it imparts a similar warmth and comfort on being used as a garment.

The unique feature of Hemp is its strength and also its ability to retain its shape, that helps the fabric look new over a long period of time. Like fine wine it get better with age, the more you make use of it, the softer it gets. You’ve must have witnessed fabrics wearing out, but hemp wears in!

Hemp is naturally resistant to mould and ultraviolet light. The pores in it allow a free flow of air whilst retaining its natural absorbency, which means it’s an ideal fabric for tropical climates. And as if that wasn’t enough, the fabric is also thermo-regulating which suggests that it‘ll keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

We can talk at length about Hemp because there is so much to be aware about
this crop and with our resources dwindling at the speed of light, Hemp can really be the one for sustainable fabrics and hence, sustainable fashion. In this world of synthetic fabrics, Hemp is the answer to a question that is now being asked quite often- How do we become more sustainable in our choices?


We often disregard the amount of damage we cause to our immediate environment in the process of designing. The demands of fashion are such that a designers need to keep reinventing themselves and designs have to be attractive enough, but at what cost ?

Hemptology is going to be that face of change in the sustainable textile industry because it is a fabric maker that is deeply concerned about the impact that the fashion industry is having on the environment, and wants to bring about a change.

Apart from selling fabrics, this brand also actively interacts with designers, 
students, and design institutes educating them about the advantages of Hemp. The approach is more about being an educator first and looking for business later.

Currently, Hemptology’s fibres, yarns, and fabrics are procured from India where there is complete traceability of the fabric right from the time the seed is planted.


We make hemp fabric, hemp yarns, and hemp fibres and get delivered it to your doorstep as that is how easily accessible we want Industrial Hemp to be.  Hemptology is a one-stop shop for designers and creators. If you wish to buy 100% Hemp fabric and blends with other sustainable fibres like organic cotton, Tencel, wool, silk, yak hair, nettle, bamboo, and recycled polyester, contact us. 

Our fabrics are thoughtful and made to make a better planet and a better conscience which is why we want to build an ecosystem of like-minded people. Brands, Designers, Consumers, Researchers, and students- Hemptology is your happy place to be, let’s connect!

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