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How Can An Organic Hemp Soap Neutralize The Coronavirus Transmission?

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Viruses can be neutralized by Organic hemp Soap. A virus is nothing more than an RNA-filled membrane. The membrane is defined as a lipid envelope (fatty) with a protein envelope, ‘Corona’. 

100% Himalayan Hemp Soaps functions as a degreaser by breaking down lipids and as an exfoliant by breaking down protein (in the same way it breaks away dead skin from living skin). 

In a nutshell, the membrane is being destroyed, so The virus can no longer multiply like a virus. The soap is also slick, making it harder for the virus’s spikes to attach.

Organic Hemp soaps are also ideal for nail-scrubbing, exfoliation, shaving purposes, cleaning in a hot tub, sinks, burn/roasting pans, etc.

Results of Anti-Microbial Trials on the Hemp Soap

  • After conducting several experiments on Organic Hemp Soap, researchers gave 4 commitments regarding its safety for any type of individual.
  • Bacteria and fungi enjoy it and multiply, which is a terrible thing! When bacteria are destroyed, they release new microorganisms from within themselves, which might result in more germs in the product. That would be a total failure.
  • The germs do not proliferate or diminish in number. Again, this soap would be completely ineffective.
  • Alternatively, germ colonies are reduced. This is what you’d expect from most soaps.
  • We were given a rather unique fourth option. Within an hour, the hemp oil soap had killed all of the germs that had been introduced. So 247 million colony-forming units of Pseudomonas Aeriginosa, 10 million colony-forming units of Staphylococcus aureus, and almost 3 million colony-forming units of Candida albicans died extremely quickly. 

How can you use an Organic Hemp Soap?

Hemptology’s 100% Himalayan Hemp Soap is good for regular hand washing since it does not irritate the skin. Simply moisten the hands, ideally with warm water, and rub a little dab of gentle soap over the whole surface of the hands, fingers, and wrists.

 Scrub beneath the nails with a little dab of soap and a nail brush. Rinse the nail brush and your hands.

To remove embedded filth from hands, use a nail brush (gently) over the finger pads, palms, cuticles, and nails. Watch the filth lift. Rinse and dry your hands thoroughly.

Our antimicrobial Hemp Soap will clean your hands and nails without drying out your skin or hurting your nails.

Our Organic Hemp soap is ideal for a refreshing face wash since it cleans deep into the pores and draws excess oil from beneath the skin. We’ll offer you some pointers down below. You can apply it to your nose and chin. 

Although it’s advised that you don’t use it above or near the eyes because it contains soap and can irritate the eyes. 

Also, the antibacterial hemp soap works wonderfully on pimple-prone skin and makes an instant effect.

Here’s how you can use it:

  • Warm water should be used to wet the greasy areas.
  • Apply a dab of soap to your fingertips and spread it over the areas that need to be cleaned.
  • You may need to add extra water to get a slippy texture, as well as a little amount of soap to see the delicate froth.
  • For a few minutes, massage the soap into the greasy regions of skin, and rinse well.

What should you know about Exfoliating?

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The first rule of skincare is to get rid of any dead skin. Dead skin appears dull, flaky, dry, thick, and inflexible, and it is prone to itching and infection.

 Dead skin cannot be moisturized, and excessive dead skin might impede the function of the underlying living skin.

Toxins are also sent by the body to be encapsulated in the dead skin layer, ensuring that they leave the body.

The pain of carrying dead skin around is our body’s way of notifying us that we need to remove the dead layer from the skin’s outer surface so that the underlying live layers may perform their health-promoting duties.

Mammals would routinely roll on the ground, groom, and brush against trees to exfoliate, and exfoliation is still the primary principle of skincare among humans.

Walking barefoot in the past would have kept the excess hard skin on the feet in check, but the rest of the body would have received extra attention.

Everyone wants to have skin that is pleasant, flexible, and completely functional!

Because the organic hemp soap is so slippery, you will need to sit down. If you find it difficult to pumice your feet in the shower, it is advisable to do it separately using a foot bath, bowl, or pail of water.

Further, Warm and damp the feet.

Using a foot bath or sitting in a wet room or huge shower. Rub the soap all over your feet, paying special attention to the soles, heels, toes, between the toes, and so on. 

Allow the soap to work for up to 10 minutes, making sure it does not dry out. To keep the soap from drying out, massage a little water into your skin now and again.

Exfoliate the underneath and margins of the foot with pumice, the upper surface of the foot, and between the toes with an exfoliating glove (hands alone will not remove dead skin!)

And Finally, Rinse well.

The Bottom Line

If you want to avail all the health benefits of utilizing 100% Himalayan Hemp soap, choose Hemptlogy’s Organic Hemp Soap today!

Our soap is pure, mild, and soft. 

Our soap is pure, mild, and soft. It cleans, moisturizes, and aids in the healing and maintenance of your skin. It is free of animal by-products and includes no colorants or artificial additives. It is created with our finest organic hemp seed oil and is guaranteed to be free of animal by-products. 

The naturally occurring protein (fatty acids) in hempseed oil aid in skin cell regeneration and renewal while also providing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics — there is simply no better natural soap. 

Our exfoliating (Hemp Bran) soap also contains hemp seed husks, which work as a gentle natural exfoliant (see separate listing)

Even the packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, ensuring that nothing is thrown away.

Buy Organic Hemp Soap: www.hemptology.co.uk

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