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Our planet is in danger- What exactly are we doing wrong?

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It is said that every action has consequences. Like ripples on a pond, our choices and actions reach out and affect everything around us. And we need to understand that some actions are irreversible. Though it can be hard for us to accept, our daily life-style choices, from the way we commute to what we eat, what we use and wear, can actually have a significant impact on environmental issues.

The UN has issued a Red Alert for our environment and there are few people on the planet that don’t know that we are in danger, so what are we doing about it?   Around 7.5 billion of us share the infinite resources and it is just staggering that so many of this number believe that whatever they do in their lives doesn’t affect our Earth and that the problem needs to solved by someone else!   However, whilst it can be difficult to accept, the actions of every single one of us is putting our planet in danger. So, instead of feeling bad for the environment and crossing our fingers that someone else will sort it out, it’s time for all of us to reconsider our choices and decisions to save our planet and ourselves.

Thus, without wasting any time, let’s discuss what exactly what we need to do.

  • Choosing the wrong fabric:

We don’t pay much attention to the fabric or material but rather to the brand and design when it comes to clothes. However, it’s time we did so.  Not all clothes are good for the environment. Though you might be aware that synthetic fibre, including nylon, polyester, and acrylic, is bad news. Unfortunately, so is cotton, as the clothes made of it require the use of ample energy and produce a lot of carbon footprint. So, it’s time to turn to sustainable fabrics such as hemp.

  • Ignoring plastic packaging:

For environmentalists, plastic packaging is the elephant in the room. This is because almost all of our lifestyle choices involve buying things that are available in plastic packaging. One step you can take is to go for brands that offer non-plastic packaging. Next, you can also ask the product manufacturer to consider their decision to use plastic in packaging. Another thing you can do is check the recycling numbers on the product you are buying to see if you will be able to recycle them.

  • Leaving the lights on:

Something that you heard and seen a million times that you must switch off lights when not in use. Even if you walk out of your room for even a few minutes, turn off the lights!  It really makes a huge difference. Not only lights, but it is also essential that you unplug all electronic devices when they are not in use to save energy that cannot be replaced.

  • Not carrying your bag for shopping?

It happens a thousand times you go shopping, and come back with a plastic bag you get at the shop. Despite some progress being made in the UK with a 20p tax on plastic bags there are still far too many in circulation and most likely end up in the ocean harming the aquatic life or worse. A great way to stop harming your environment is to start carrying your own bag preferably a cloth or hemp bag and stop bringing plastic bags home.   If we stop using them, supermarkets will stop making them!

  • Wasting lots of water:

Whether washing the dishes or brushing your teeth, leaving the tap running means wasting a lot of water. It may not seem like a big deal, but water wastage is one big environmental trouble. So, soak your dishes prior to washing or better still use a modern dishwasher.  Remember to turn off the tap while your brush. Plus, when it comes to your clothes it is best you choose fabrics or detergent that requires less water for cleaning.

Basically, what we are trying to say is that you may not realise that your daily lifestyle choices negatively affect the earth.  It may seem a bit inconvenient at times but, making simple changes in what we do will significantly reduce your negative environmental footprint.

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