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Hemp Swatch Book


Mountain Colour RangeMountain Colour RangeWhite and Natural ColoursWhite and Natural Colours
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Confused If You Should Buy Hemp Fabric? Buy This Hemp Swatch Book To Get Your Answers

We understand how difficult it may be to make judgments based solely on descriptions and photos. You no longer need to worry when Hemptology is at the rescue. To make the purchase easier for our customers, we have included hemp swatch books in our catalog. Grab your hemp swatch book today.

What exactly is a hemp swatch book?

What if you carry a diary in your hand with predefined details to determine the textures of a fabric? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to shop online? You never know how the fabric feels, how the color looks until you touch it. It’s alright to take a chance on some chores, but when it comes to expensive materials, no one wants to take that chance. A hemp swatch book is a booklet that will make your shopping easier and in turn your life. A hemp swatch book is filled with little samples of fabric in it which includes all the details you need to know. The fabrics you’ll see are those that Hemptology already has in store and can ship out the same day. Our fabric swatch cards allow you to touch and feel the excellent quality of the textiles and compare them before you buy.

It is a must-have detailed guidebook for hemp Fabric. A complete spectrum of knits, handlooms in 100% hemp and hemp blends are included in the master hemp swatch book. Name, composition, weight, color, and size are all carefully tagged and labeled on all of the materials. You can see, touch, and feel the fabric. Get this master hemp swatch book shipped to you today and have stress-free shopping.

What do we offer at Hemptology?

We at Hemptology aim at making online shopping effortless and uncomplicated. We have therefore come up with this guidebook for our customers. This hemp swatch book will redefine your shopping tactics. We have two premium options from which you can choose your hemp swatch book.

  • Mountain Color Range and
  • Whites & Natural Colored Fabrics

It includes 100% organically made hemp fabric with calculated details. Buy this to make online shopping smooth and simple. March towards a greener neighborhood by including hemp products in your daily routine.

Swatch Book
Swatch Book


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I purchased some of your hemp chambray recently and made this shirt for my husband for Christmas.
It’s really lovely quality fabric to work with so I wondered if your customers might be interested in seeing what it looks like made up.

Rachel Phoenix

Costume & Dressmaker

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