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What are the Supreme Pros of Using a Hemp Towel?

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Do you require a quick-drying towel that dries you off quickly each time you exit the water? Are you looking for ultra-absorbent towels?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to give hemp towels a try.

With each wash, hemp towels provide exceptional quality. With continuous usage, the cloth softens, making it more relaxing to use. Hemp is also one of the most long-lasting fibers. It may be used to make towels that will last for years.

Through this ultimate guide, you’ll cover all you need to know about organic hemp towels, including their benefits, how they compare to cotton towels, how to care for them, and where to get them.

Pros of an Organic Hemp Towel:

Hemp towels are produced using hemp fiber rather than cotton fibers. It has several benefits over towels made of other fabrics.

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  • Instant Drying: A quick-drying towel is a must-have accessory that rapidly removes damp messes, whether you’re having a shower or going to the beach.

Hemp towels dry the skin and other surfaces fast and easily due to their high absorbency.

  • UV Resistant: Hemp fabric protects you from the sun’s UV radiation by acting as a natural screen. Hemp towels are ideal for skin protection when spending time outside, such as at the pool or beach.
  • Odor/Harmful textile resistant: Hemp fabric is extremely breathable, which means your towels will not accumulate smells over time.

As a result, they’re ideal for usage as workout towels. These towels are especially cool on warmer days due to their permeable nature.

  • Dust Mite Resistant and Hypoallergenic: With each wash, hemp towels give long-lasting protection against dangerous germs.

They’re also resistant to stains and odor-causing bacteria, so your towel stays fresh and clean for longer. Furthermore, even when stored in wet and poorly ventilated settings, these towels are non-irritating to the skin and do not form mildew.

Which one’s better? Organic Hemp Towels or Cotton Towels

If you’re questioning how hemp towels vary from cotton towels (apart from the raw ingredients utilized), consider the following advantages:

  • Color Retention: Hemp towels dye and hold their color better than other textiles like cotton because of their high water absorption.
  • Heavy Duty: The tensile strength of hemp cloth is three times that of cotton. This, along with its capacity to withstand UV rays and mold damage, ensures that your hemp towel stays looking new for longer.
  • Feather-like touch: While fresh cotton towels seem softer against the skin than hemp towels, this softness diminishes with each wash. Hemp towels, on the other hand, get softer with time.

Hemp towels are not affected by repeated washing like cotton towels are. This means you may use your hemp towel for extended periods without sacrificing comfort.

  • Producing costs less: Hemp is less expensive to cultivate due to its low cultivation needs.

It also has a short growth cycle of 3-4 months, which means farmers may renew the supply of this raw material up to three times each year.

Hemp cultivation takes half the quantity of water required for cotton cultivation.

Furthermore, because it is a resilient plant, it may be cultivated without the need for irrigation, fertilizers, or chemical pesticides, which may harm the environment.

Cotton, on the other hand, typically takes around 6 months to completely develop before harvesting.

It makes more sense for a farmer to invest in hemp rather than cotton for fabric manufacture.

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Why are hemp towels less popular than cotton towels?

Hemp growing was banned in the United States until 2018. Fortunately, the growing of hemp and the use of its products was permitted with the 2018 Farm Bill. As a result, hemp towels are relatively new on the market and are not as popular as alternatives such as cotton towels.

As more farmers discover the benefits of hemp farming, the output of this commodity will increase. Industrial hemp prices will fall with time, and hemp towels will be widely available to the general population.

How to Care for Hemp Towels?

Hemp towels require the same care as any other cloth.

Consider adopting these approaches:

  • A good wash–  A mild wash is the best way to clean hemp cloth. Set your washing machine to a delicate wash cycle and use lukewarm water and a light detergent.

Bleach is not often suggested as a cleaning agent for hemp fabric. If you need to remove stains from hemp towels, use hydrogen peroxide rather than chlorine bleach.

The latter produces yellowing of the hemp cloth and may weaken it.

Also, while handwashing hemp towels, it is critical to double or triple rinse since any residual soap left on the towel can induce cellulose oxidation, which results in big, dark stain spots.

  • Keep it dry: There are various techniques for drying hemp towels properly in between usage or after washing. Stretch out your hemp towels when line drying in the sun to minimize creases.

While hemp experts advocate line drying in the sun as the most effective way, in certain cases it is impracticable. 

Machine drying hemp towels necessitates precision in timing. When exposed to the dryer’s heat for an extended period, the hemp fibers in the towel may begin to break.

  • Ironing Hemp Towels: When ironing hemp towels, it is preferable to do it when they are still somewhat damp.

If your towel is dry, ironing it might easily burn it. As a result, make sure you dampen it first.

With that being said, where can you find the best and organic hemp towels?

Hemp towels are often available for purchase through a variety of online retailers and e-commerce platforms.

You may purchase 100% organic hemp towels or hemp blend towels, and they will be delivered right to your home. You may also look for a hemp store near you.


On choosing us, you’ll be investing in the Future, where R.O.I is guaranteed.

You will be getting a distinctive organic hemp towel with the color derived from colored yarn (rather than dyed cloth), resulting in a natural appearance with a solid feel and handling (feels and handles like linen). 

We offer our towels, in two sizes, the hemp fabric hand towel and the hemp fabric Bath towel.

Hemp is also naturally biodegradable, so when it reaches the end of its useful life, it will not add to the rising pollution problem. Join the organic movement to save yourself, others, and the environment.

Our organically grown hemp fabrics are suitable for a variety of applications such as clothing, bedding, and skin use – the fabric feels relaxing and cooling, and its inherent antibacterial, hypoallergenic properties make it ideal for those with sensitive skin, allergies, and other disorders. 

The cloth softens with washing, and the handling and feel improve with time.

So, choose the best, but wisely.

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