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Reasons to Replace Your Cotton Mask With Hemp

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Everyone is aware of the how hard pandemic has hit every sector and people around. No one has left untouched of its affects. Even after pandemic people are still taking measures to be safe from Covid. One of the important thing that helped us in pandemic and post Covid times are Masks. 

Masks have become an important part of our day to day routine. For once you can forget carrying your perfume but mask is always mandatory.

That’s why we came up to you with the extension of masks you used to wear. In our previous blogs we already told you about how Hemp is an all-rounder from taking care of your skin to helping you to maintain a good health, hemp has always got your back. 

Here is why we came up an exclusive hemp based product i.e., HEMP MASKS.

I Know sounds exciting! 

Hemp got many benefits to offer to you. One of them is protecting you. Hemp masks hold many features that might be helpful for you. Let’s dive into some. 

Hemp Masks are Breathable and Antimicrobial

If there were only one positive factor to be attributed to cotton, it would certainly be its breathability quotient.

Cotton reduces body odor while absorbing moisture. It is the most appropriate choice for summer because of its substantial breathability. Hemp, being a natural fiber, possesses similar breathable properties to cotton while having additional antimicrobial properties.

Keep cotton fabrics in moisture or for too long and an odor begins to emanate. Sometimes, this calls for another wash. However, owing to their natural antibacterial and antimicrobial functions, this is not the case with hemp fabric.

Since hemp fabric is naturally antimicrobial, they smell better for longer than cotton without the growth of any mold and mildew.


Hemp produces over 200% more fiber than cotton cultivated on the same land.  Pesticide use is a prerequisite for the processing of uninfected cotton fibers which may pose a risk to skin as well.

The possibility of pesticides being insufficiently removed before the manufacturing of face masks means that your skin can absorb these chemicals. With organic hemp face masks, pesticides are no longer a reason for concern and your skin will thank you later.

Hemp face masks are a viable alternative for people who have chemical sensitivities or allergies and worry about potential chemicals in cotton face masks. Hemp face masks are as light as cotton and an environmentally-conscious substitute to their cotton counterparts.

Hemp Face Masks are Long-Lasting an Attractive

Have you ever accidentally ripped your clothes while leaving in a hurry or getting it caught at the door? Chances are, you have. Most of us have encountered an occasional tear, here or there.

Sustainable hemp fiber is a tough natural fiber and an abrasion-resistant fabric.

Hemp fabrics are spun in a range of colors without the use of dyes. And hemp products could look white, brown, black, grey, or green. The outcome, a more earthy-looking and aesthetically pleasing face mask.

As hemp fiber is natural and biodegradable, it has a myriad of environmental advantages.


As the exploration for more viable and sustainable products peaks, there will be a subsequent increase in the demand for organic hemp products, including hemp face masks.

With the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainable face masks will be an essential product for daily survival.

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