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Something That No One Tells You About Hemp Bioplastics

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One of the most significant dangers to our wildlife, environment, and global climate is something nearly every person on Earth uses every single day: plastic (single-use plastic in particular).

It is devastating oceans and waterways, covering land and beaches, and filling landfills at a staggering rate.

This is not a problem we will be able to outrun.

Thankfully we have hemp based companies around the world showing some way to get rid of this devastation. The way we have is hemp bioplastics.

The Plastic Plague

Almost every household item is made of- and packaged in- plastic.

Distribution has items covered in layers upon layers when they ship to stores.

Shipping items to your home is no different.

A More Sustainable Future

Compared to plastic’s thousand-year decomposition rate, hemp bioplastic takes only 6 months to fully break down.

Additionally, the production of hemp bioplastic drastically reduces the amount of greenhouse gas and fossil fuel emissions compared to standard plastics.

Hemp plastic is increasingly becoming a viable option as an eco-friendly alternative to carbon-based plastic. 

Not only is this bioplastic sourced from safe and sustainable hemp plants, but it is also typically both biodegradable and recyclable.

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Benefits of hemp bioplastics:

  • It’s biodegradable
  • It’s non-toxic
  • It’s a renewable resource
  • It prevents soil erosion
  • It can be recycled indefinitely
  • It’s a stronger and lighter material than regular plastic

Let’s make contribution to better tomorrow

Hemp bioplastics have been successfully manufactured to replace synthetic plastic only recently. However, the idea dates back to the 1940s.

And if we look at the market today, it stands at a point from where it can only go upwards.

The global hemp bioplastic market was valued at somewhere around $83.5 million in 2021.


We at hemptology are trying to make a better tomorrow with the right tool needed to do so i.e., hemp bioplastics.

But to make a difference we can not do that alone we need your support too. Together we can protect our planet and make our tomorrows better for living.

Let’s do what’s best for our planet.

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