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Sustainability – A Word Or A Requirement?

Sustainability in

For most ‘sustainability’ is just another buzz word?

There are fringes of society that deny climate change and believe there are no problems but most sensible people are aware of the current health status of our planet, which is not good. Global warming, climate change, pollution, and the list goes on. In the past year, another threat to the future is this never ending pandemic.

Recent government statistics show that approximately 80% of UK residents are concerned about climate change (according to the 2021 survey conducted by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as part of its Energy and Climate Public Attitudes Tracker). The remaining 20% have no primary concern! (Source statistic)


Being concerned is fine but it doesn’t help. Action is required by all of us to make any difference. As Vishal Vivek (Hemp Foundation) said “ the biggest threat to our planet is the thought that someone else will save it” If we all do a little it will have a massive effect – no one of us can save the planet on our own. Let’s all do what we can and make it real and make it permanent, set a small goal and grow from there and encourage others to follow suit and before we know it will ‘snowball’

The basic ground rule of sustainability

Use some and save some.

The concept of sustainability relies on these words. Use some of the resources now and save some for the future generation. It’s a win-win goal.

Here are some other ways that will make it practice, not just discussion:

  • Keep a check on your food

Waste less and eat low on the food chain. One of the best things we can do to aid the environment is to stop consuming animal products. Veganism is growing and it is not just good for animals, it is good for the planet. That is not everyone’s choice, but you can go for some organic/vegetarian options like almond milk or soy-based products to keep up with your diet. While the health and environmental benefits of buying organic are somewhat in dispute, the value of buying locally or regionally is not.

  • Dispose of the Disposable!.

Instead of using plastic or paper bags while shopping, use cloth bags. Find substitutes that work for you and the environment. Find replacements like washable cloth to paper towels for cleaning and drying. Buy clothing that will last the test of time and stop the fast fashion scourge that is ruining our world and keeping people in low paid, unsustainable work in terrible conditions.

  • Choose environmentally friendly services

There are plenty of organizations that are stepping forward to give something back to the planet. Support them. Choose the services and products that benefit the planet and give people jobs in sustainable and environmentally friendly industries.

  • Transition to Renewable Energy

Take the opportunity to get renewable energy. Instead of taking power from coal or natural gas, install solar panels and renewable heating systems.

Each step brings a change. Take one step today. As Neil Armstrong said ‘ One small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind”

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