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Time to Drag Your Wardrobe into the 21st Century , Get Hemp Fabric Online

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Fashion is an ever-changing concept and so are the choices and preferences of people regarding style.  Whether we like it or not, fashion and fashion trends constitute a big part of our lives and whatever we wear has an impact on the environment.  All of us have wardrobes and drawers full of clothes that we never wear and need to have a good clear out.   Some of these things will have been worn to death, others worn once, all of them need to be sorted out.  Many of the clothes we have will have become mis-shaped, pilled, worn and generally past their best but before we send them off to the local charity shop, cut them up for rags or just chuck them out think!  Why have these previously loved items become so sad?  In many cases this will be due to the fabric used – manmade fabrics, non-sustainable, cheaply produced cottons which just don’t last. 

Very few of us will have stopped to consider this aspect of our clothing lifecycle.  With the current global climate crisis and pollution of our land and seas it is surely high time that we all did.   Rather than cheap, short lived unsustainable clothes, we need to switch to sustainable fashion; fashion that not only compliments our style but lasts and doesn’t harm the planet.

Hemp is the trump card that nature has given us to play, hemp can not only give rise to a new age of sustainable couture but can even contribute to the conservation of the eco system unlike any other fibres. These days, due to an increased awareness among fashion designers and environmentalists, hemp is gradually gaining popularity and this has made it easier to get hold of hemp fabric online.

hemp fabric

What Advantages Does Hemp Clothing Bring

Hemp fabric has a number of advantages and this is something every fashionista should acknowledge. Hemp has evolved and is not that rough sack cloth of old that would make your style bleak, now it’s deliciously soft on the skin and lasts longer than any other fabric you have experienced so far.  The great property of hemp fabric is, it is resistant to bacteria and shields you against the harmful UV rays. This suggests that it’s not just safeguarding your skin but also retains color and texture for a long time.  Hemp doesn’t just compliment your classy fashion sense but makes you look like a responsible human being.  The antimicrobial property of hemp, its incredible breathability and fast wicking prevents odours and makes the fabric feel soft and cooling on your skin.  Hemp fabric also softens with washing and just gets nicer and nicer to wear with use. It is also at least 3 x stronger and more durable than cotton.

Many companies are coming up with appealing hemp clothing and they are producing some amazing fashion. Getting hemp fabric online is no big deal today. Style is not the only upside of hemp fabric, though. The major advantage of hemp fabric is it’s making and production that does not have any harmful impact on the environment.

Production of Hemp Fabric

hemp fabric

Modern production methods using hemp are closely related to the traditional process but is done in a more cost effective and efficient manner through the use of technological advancement and modern equipment.  That said, the basic method of growing hemp, breaking it down, separation of the fibres and then spinning it into a textile hasn’t changed in millennia. Hemp takes in about just 5% the amount of water required to grow cotton. Hemp can actually grow in almost all soil conditions. While cotton depletes the soil of the essential nutrients, the roots of hemp preserve the topsoil as well as the subsoil. Hemp grows really fast and need only 120 days to be ready for harvest. When compared with cotton, hemp is a clear world champion. In conclusion, hemp is a super-plant.  It’s use has enormous potential to redefine fashion while protecting the planet. Right from its production to its sustainability, hemp stands at the top.  Join the organic revolution, get your hemp fabric online now and change the face of fashion for the better.



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