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organic hemp fabric in UK

10 Unbelievable Facts about Organic Hemp Fabric

organic hemp fabric in UK in

Hemp is a plant that is stirring a lot of commotion in today’s time for all good reasons. A part of the Cannabis Sativa plant family, it is effortless to grow and process. The great thing about this plant is that during the growth process, it absorbs CO2, reliving the atmosphere of the gas’s harmful effects. 

Industrial hemp can be used for many different uses, which consists of biodegradable plastic producing paper, health food, fuel, and textile. No doubt, it is an all-rounder plant that has gained significance in all fields, even in the world of fashion. 

Hemp fabric is taking the world by storm! Many renowned fashion brands are busy using it for their clothing line. If you are thinking of investing in organic hemp fabric, here are ten pointers that you should know. 

  • Comfortable to wear: 

Comfort is a must when it comes to clothes. You don’t want to be stuck in clothes for the whole day that feels harsh towards the skin. Unfortunately, many people mistook hemp for being one of the rough fabrics. Allow us to burst this bubble for you. Hemp is a soft fabric that gets even more comfortable with every wash. 

  • Sport it in summer or winter:

One of the amazing qualities of organic hemp fabric is that its neither too thin nor too thick. So, you can ideally wear it in summer without the worry of feeling hot and also in winter by layering it up. The reason is it has a nice, flowy drape that will keep you at ease. 

  • Not crease easily:

Another great quality of hemp fabric that makes it quite popular for use by designers is that it’s simple to design. Hemp also does not crease easily, it’s ideal for people who don’t prefer or get time for regular ironing. Further, it also does not catch a stain and can be cleaned in an effortless manner. Finally, because of the fabric’s nice fall, you can use it to create ethnic and western wear both.

  • Lightweight and breathable fabric:

The big difference between synthetic and organic fabric is that the latter is more lightweight and breathable. People wearing nylon and polyester clothing will typically have a foul odour and may suffer from skin allergies. On the other side, Hemp natural fabric does not cling to the skin. It doesn’t hold in moisture and comes with hypoallergenic qualities. 

  • Water-resistant:

Being a plant-based hydrophobic fibre, organic hemp fabric is resistant to water. In simple terms, it does not absorb water quickly. So, you won’t be embarrassed and soaked if you accidentally spill water over you. Also, it’s a great fabric to wear during monsoons when the rain is constant. 

  • UV resistant:

Another excellent thing about this fabric is that it is resistant to UV rays. Unlike other fabrics that lose their lustre after a few wears because they can’t stand the sun, hemp fabric does not tarnish quickly. It remains new even after multiple wears with colours intact. At the same time, it also protects the wearer against the harmful effects of UV rays. 

organic hemp fabric in UK
  • Survives Moulds:

The hemp fabric is woven in a very distinct way because of which it stays clean and fresh for a longer time. So, you don’t have to worry about your clothes sitting in an almirah catching a mould.

  • Withholds the test of time: 

One reason why many people prefer hemp fabric is because of its durability. It happens to be four times sturdier than cotton. So, if you are someone whose job requires you to participate in rigorous activities or travel a lot, hemp is the right wear for you. It can survive different wear and tear conditions. 

  • Versatile:

The organic hemp fabric is remarkably versatile, and you can blend it with other weaker fabrics to make them stronger. In addition, it can blend with cotton and even silk to create different kinds of clothing, from dresses to shirts, socks to caps.

  • Discard without guilt:

Once you are done with your hemp clothing, and trust us, it will take a lot of time, you can recycle it. Discarding hemp clothing won’t add to the landfills as hemp is biodegradable. 

In the end, we can say, after considering the above hemp fabric pointers, hemp is the need of the hour. With the fashion industry harbouring the principal blame for environmental crises, it is time that designers and stylists alike start switching to hemp fabric. If you are looking for organic hemp fabric in UK, Hemptology with its wide variety of fabrics, is here for you.

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