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Understanding Hemp Fabric Better Through A Hemp Swatch Book

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If you are contemplating the right sustainable project for your brand of sustainable clothing, hemp is the way to go. Your journey towards a successful sustainable fabric venture starts with choosing the right kind of fabric and there is really no better choice than a hemp-based fabric.

Sustainability is the new norm which large scale industry as well as small business owners are learning to adapt to and incorporate in their products and services.  Driven by global climate change and changes in customer behaviours as people become more attuned to the changes in our world and demand better from our suppliers.

The recent pandemic has driven many businesses into ‘the virtual space’ and most commerce is now done online.  This is difficult for the fashion industry for manufacturers and consumers as it is difficult to tell how a fabrics really looks or feels from photos and video only.  It is important to know how the fabric feels before you can really decide to use it in whatever project you are undertaking.  Buying a hemp swatch book will help you do just that. When you buy a hemp swatch book it not only acts as a guide for your choice of fabric but also becomes the most important tool in your fabric arsenal.

Hemp fabric is obtained from a fibre that is extracted from low-cannabinoid varieties of the stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant, these crops are closely planted in order to maintain a constant growth of tall and straight stems. The hemp fibre, once processed into fabric form can be made to look and feel like almost any other fabric – at one end of the spectrum it can be heavy weight canvass/denim and the other like fine linen or silk.  This diverse characteristic of hemp makes it difficult to choose the right kind of texture for the fabric. Hence, a hemp swatch book is a must have for those who are looking for a particular kind of fabric in the market.

Hemp Swatch

If you are looking to buy a hemp swatch book in UK, there are plenty of options to choose from, what would be even better if you choose one that is available online. Let us look at some ways in which it is better to buy a hemp swatch before selecting the choice of fabric for your business.

  • It is eco-friendly

Buy a Hemp Swatch Book to hone your choice and save waste.

  • Reduces Risk

When it comes to fabric, we have to keep in mind the texture, the colour, its flexibility, how it drapes, washes or handles. So, a hemp swatch will not only give you a better perspective into its properties but also save you some money by reducing the risk factor in case of expensive fabrics.

  • There is a plethora of picks to choose online

When you buy hemp swatch in UK, it is better to look at the online stores as you have a plethora of samples to browse and choose from. Online stores provide all details of a hemp swatch such as the name of the fabric, its fibre contents, Weaves and characteristics of each type of fabrics etc. thus, it is easier to pick the swatch that suits your requirements. 

  • Instant Mini-Reference Library of Fabrics

Hemp swatch books are usually reasonably priced and give you a look at lots of fabrics at minimal cost.

Hemp Swatch Book

When you buy a hemp swatch book in UK, you will be building a collection of sustainable fabric which you can refer to time and time again.  You can use the swatches to test and study the fabric to gain a better understanding of its characteristics providing you with a ready reference for projects now and in the future.

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