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Hemp Protein Powder Suppliers In UK

Which Hemp Protein Powder Suppliers In UK You Should Get In Touch With

Hemp Protein Powder Suppliers In UK in

If you’ve come to this page to read this article, chances are that you have already made the right life choice in choosing Hemp Protein so don’t change your mind now by running out and picking the cheapest brand on the shelf – not all Hemp Protein Powders are the same and neither are the suppliers.  Your body will thank you for choosing Himalayan Hemp Protein Powder as pure as the Himalayan snow and scientifically proven to be superior to hemp grown in other parts of the world. Not all hemp protein powder suppliers in UK would provide you 100% authentic hemp but may lure you into believing that all hemp protein is the same – this is clearly not true.

At Hemptology, we only deal with pure Himalayan Hemp Protein Powder which is a complete protein source containing all the essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) that the body needs and a rich source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 – promoting better circulation, a healthy heart, works great for your skin and improving your immune system.

One of the best vegan proteins for better health is hemp protein powder. History proves that hemp seeds as a food source go back thousands of years. Documents prove that hemp was an important source of proteinfibre, and medicine in the Mediterranean, Egypt, and Morocco many centuries B.C.

Hemp Protein Powder Suppliers In UK

Hemp protein powder is the lean source of plant-based protein, making it an amazing supplement to a plant-based diet not just for the vegans but for all. If you’re trying to lower your meat intake, you can try incorporating hemp protein to your diet. About 25% of each hemp seed is protein, also, the seeds are quite low in fat.


When you consume lean proteins, it boosts metabolism, improves digestion, and promotes lean body mass. Himalayan Hemp protein doesn’t contain any cholesterol or saturated fats, unlike many products of animal proteins. Ingesting three tablespoons of hemp protein powder can provide 90 calories and 3 grams of fat while packing in 15 grams of protein.

The presence of all the essential amino acids help repair muscle cells, regulate the nervous system, and regulate brain function. This makes it an amazing substitute for animal products (meat, milk, and eggs) and it’s crucial since your body cannot produce many of these acids on its own.

Other benefits of Hemp Protein Powder includes vitamins and minerals that your body requires time to time to stay fit and agile. In particular, hemp products are great sources of ironmagnesium, and manganese. These minerals help to keep several parts of your body functioning properly, in addition to protecting from illness.

Hemp Protein Powder Suppliers In UK

Hemp seeds and hemp protein powder also contain a good dose of potassium, which brings about a balance between your body’s water and electrolytes. Three tablespoons of hemp seeds contain about 370 milligrams of potassium, which is twice the nutrients you might get from sources like spinach and oranges.

At Hemptology, we believe that opting for a greener lifestyle is one of the greatest ways to live a healthy and hearty life. No green products can pose a threat to our bodies and hence, why not give it a try.   If you’re looking for one of the best Hemp Protein Powder suppliers in UK, you know where to find us.

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