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What’s Our Story With Hemp Yarn

Hemp yarn is our earth-loving, plant-powered miracle yarn. It will come in handy for times when you want to knit naturally. It’s made of 100 percent all-natural deliciousness, so it’s light, breezy, and soft. Isn’t that exactly what you’d anticipate?

Yes, it’s the perfect yarn for all of your summer needs, such as beach cover-ups, cool knitted tees, and stylish string bags. The best part is that it is not only limited to summer products. You can also knit winter requirements such as stockings, innerwear, and sweaters. Therefore it is cool and comfortable in both summer and winter. Hemp, like linen and other plant fibres, develops into a strong and durable fabric. The yarn will soften as you stitch with it, and with each wash, dry, and wear, it will become increasingly softer. Make lovely skirts, sweaters, washcloths, purses, bags, and even blankets.

How does it feel to knit with hemp yarn?

Hemp yarn allows you to make breezy, open-stitch designs by crocheting, knitting, and macramé. Expect excellent stitch definition and a soft, drapey feel that won’t stretch out. Our hemp yarn is a dry, sturdy yarn that will keep you cool when the temperature rises. It’s perfect for summer dresses, tunics, and beach bags. It is suitable for all kinds of stitching and knitting such as stockinette, single crochet, treble crochet grid stitch.

Why Hemptology?

If you want to buy hemp yarn in bulk, you’ve come to the right place. Hemptology, is a leading manufacturer, producer, and seller of hemp products in the United Kingdom. We’ve made bulk ordering simple for our customers with world-class shipping methods and quick delivery. Wholesale items will now be delivered directly to your door. Apart from that, our hemp products are chemical-free and 100 percent organic. We’ve added these natural hemp yarn to our inventory because organic hemp cloth is trending worldwide.

Hemptology is the next big thing in the hemp movement. We’re proud to be one of the few organic hemp apparel producers in the country. As a result, the breathability of our organic hemp fibres is unrivaled. Hemp fiber is also known as one of the most durable and long-lasting natural textiles. These characteristics are reflected in every garment we make from our superior hemp material. We can provide hemp clothing at a reasonable price. Our hemp comes from Himalayan fields, where the air is clean and the scenery is beautiful.

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