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Why Big Fashion Brands Are Switching To Hemp Fabric

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Recently, the fashion industry has been criticized more than ever on its ethical standards towards sustainability. The amount of waste and pollution generated throughout this industry raises a concern at large. Not only, are they one of the major contributors to climate change but what’s more surprising is that, there is not much initiative towards taking responsibility.

The industry produces more goods than it can sell, and a customers buy more than they need.  As a result of this crazy situation, on average 5 stone (70 lbs) of clothing per person is discarded every year which leads to a splurging amount of 13 million tons of textile waste being generated each year. More than 90% of the waste generated by the fashion industry could be reused or recycled but the world at large is ignorant to this and has no idea of the scale of waste caused by the fashion industry.

Sustainability is the new mantra, that big fashion brands like H&M Conscious, Levi’s, People Tree have adopted. When it comes to sustainability, we can’t forget to mention Hemp. Hemp fibre is the new game changer in the textile industry, and the fabric produced through this fibre is called Hemp fabric. Hemp fabric is the fabric of the future of sustainability and ecological fashion is the trend that needs to be made into the new norm.

Here’s why top brands like Jung maven, Levi’s Well thread Collection, Hemp Clothing Collection, Recreator, Hempy’s and Tact & Stone have changed the doomed fate of the fashion industry by switching to hemp fabric and incorporating hemp and hemp fabric into their products.

Why Big Fashion Brands Are Switching To Hemp Fabric 1
  • It can be found in abundance

Hemp fabric is made out of hemp fibres which is derived from the Hemp that is widely grown in the entire Himalayan belt which has the world’s largest wild cultivation of hemp largely unutilised.  Hemp is a super plant recognized by all from Verve to Forbes with an almost unanimous agreement that it will replace cotton over time.  Whether you buy hemp fabrics in UK or the United States  it can be found readily online.

  • Hemp fabric slows down the pace of fast fashion

When you buy hemp fabric-based clothing you are not only supporting sustainability but also setting a slow pace for fashion, and this is why hemp clothing falls into the category of slow fashion.

  • It possesses superlative characteristics

Hemp fabric has an extreme sense of durability, protection against UV rays and bacteria. These characteristics highlight the need for adaptation of this fabric more than anything else. 

  • Just like wine, they age better with time

Aren’t you tired of your favorite shirt or pair of jeans wearing out too soon? Well, all you hoarders can rejoice! Because when you buy hemp fabric you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Hemp clothing actually gets better and softer with every wash and you never have to discard your favorite hoody, shirt or pair of jeans ever again!

  • It is ecological in every aspect

The hemp plant follows a zero-waste policy, every part of the plant is utilized and there is no waste generated, after the stalk is use to make hemp fiber the seeds and flowers are incorporated back into the soil to rejuvenate and prepare the soil for the next harvest.

  • It acts as a carbon absorber

With global warming at its peak, the carbon footprint left behind on this earth has increased to alarmingly high levels. Hemp plants act as absorbers for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Thus, planting more and more hemp plants not only helps in the process of reducing CO2 in air but also contribute in the fight against climate change.

  • Hemp fiber is abrasion resistant

When you buy hemp fabric in UK, you are investing a long-lasting product. This fiber is said to be the strongest natural fibre and clothing made out of this fibre is resistant to any kind of wear and tear.

Whether you are an advocate for sustainable living or not, choosing to buy hemp clothing is the way to go! For, when you buy hemp fabrics in UK or any other part of the world, you are not only making a sustainable choice but also a wise one. 

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